Nuvestan: Encouraging people to spend mindfully, invest more, and think long-term

It was economist John Bernard Keynes who first presented the notion of savings being an indication of our uncertain financial outlook. We have witnessed the aforementioned trend first-hand with the pandemic and the resulting financial uncertainties it brought for many U.S. households. Further reinforcing this idea, a personal savings report of the U.S. shows that while savings were at their peak in March 2020, they’ve dipped in June of 2021.

Fortunately, Nuvestan offers people a solution and enables them to save regardless of their financial situation. Nuvestan is a financial tool that helps consumers visualize the value of their purchases within a given time. It’s currently the only platform that presents its users with an opportunity cost of their impulse spends in comparison with its potential value if they had invested it into the stock markets.

The tool collects information on users’ categorized purchases and spotlights their spending behavior to make them aware of the money they could have made in the stock market. It doesn’t require a banking login, and users that have a account can download their transactions from and upload them to Nuvestan to show their historical data. The platform only accesses data to present users with their spending habits, and it doesn’t store their users’ financial institutional usernames and passwords.

Moreover, to ensure a safe and secure connection between users and their financial institutions, Nuvestan has partnered with Plaid Inc. Plaid works with Venmo, Betterment, Truebill, American Express, and Acorns to emphasize the security of a user’s transactions. Data security and the privacy of their users is a top priority for Nuvestan. They employ measures such as 256-bit-encryption and multi-step authentication to safeguard user information further.

As per a National Retirement Risk Index (NRRI), about 50 percent of households are at risk of being unable to maintain their pre-retirement lifestyle in retirement. While inadequate savings and the lack of 401(k) plans are the main culprits for this trend, it further signifies that U.S. households are not saving as much as they should be. Nuvestan is on a mission to help consumers raise awareness of their finances and save for retirement to mitigate a possible crisis in the future. By allowing users to set and track their financial goals, Nuvestan empowers them to re-evaluate their spending habits and save for retirement with ease.

“With the growth of fractional shares (or dollar-based investing) and Robo-advisory, individuals who have $5 here and there can invest in the stock market without investing much. That means the gates to invest in your future are open to everyone! People do not need to make more money to invest. They simply need to pay attention to their current spending habits and understand the future dollar value of their purchases. Nuvestan is a financial visualization tool that helps you be aware of the actual value of your purchases within a given time. Nuvestan wants you to spend wisely and think long-term.” – Stephen Umunna, Founder of Nuvestan.

Retail investment has increased in the past two years, with many people seeking to grow their existing funds. Furthermore, work-from-home, stimulus checks, and higher personal saving levels have accelerated the rise in retail trading. At a time like this, Nuvestan emerges as an ideal and free-of-cost solution for new retail investors. Nuvestan believes that by becoming aware and making small changes to purchasing patterns, people can multiply their funds in the long run. It is the only platform that breaks down a user’s spend to help them make an informed assessment on modifying their purchasing trends. Nuvestan helps users understand the value of their money by showing them what it would have been worth had they invested it in stocks, mutual funds, or ETFs.

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