BankerDoge: Token That Brings Utility To Any Project On The BSC. Functional Before Launch with $2m Already Staked!

Japan, Japan, Wed, 15 Sep 2021 04:52:09 / Comserve Inc. / -- BankerDoge, the application that brings decentralized financial (DeFI) services to any BSC token, is in the final stages of presale and is ready to launch.

It has already partnered with several projects including Tiki and Vegas Doge, with features fully functional at launch and already $2m staked in BankerDoge vaults.

With the prevalence of meme tokens in the world of cryptocurrency, more and more projects are finding themselves with a large audience but a weak use case. Even for projects that do have a strong use case, development can take months or years to complete. BankerDoge, the latest project from the Altruism Protocol, offers vaults to any project on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), providing instant utility.

How the BankerDoge Application Improves Projects

BankerDoge is fundamentally a system of vaults. Within these vaults, projects are able to add DeFi features that their token holders can interact with. While many applications exist to add standard staking to a project, the Altruism Protocol takes it a step further with BankerDoge. The application introduces time locking, allowing (or requiring) users to lock their tokens for a specified amount of time in order to gain rewards and bonuses. The vaults also allow projects to reward in multiple tokens, automatically add burning, charitable giving, and even buy-back to any entry or exit from the vault.

While vaults make up the base of the application, BankerDoge aims to add even more features to projects, including those that are not yet launched. One of the core tenants of the Altruism Protocol is the community, and holders of Altrucoin and BankerDoge are able to vote for changes and updates in the project through the governance system. BankerDoge offers this system to other projects as well, allowing users to vote on proposals proportional to the tokens they hold.

With the success of the first stages of presale, BankerDoge now also offers a way for tokens to raise their own funds, without the use of traditional presale applications. Prospective buyers can lock their BNB in a smart contract that will distribute the correct token to them after the allocated time.

How the BankerDoge Application Interacts with Holders

For any project that has a vault with BankerDoge, holders are able to easily stake and lock their tokens. BankerDoge allows any Web 3.0 wallet, such as MetaMask and Trust Wallet, to connect to the vault. Holders then enable the contract interaction, enter the amount that they want to stake, the time they want to lock the tokens for, and press stake. When they are ready to unstake their tokens, they simply input the amount to withdraw, and the tokens are sent to their wallet.

The BankerDoge Token and Presale

The BankerDoge token will serve as the governance and utility token of the application. It has a "RoboBoost" function which dynamically adjusts buy-back based on the previous 24 hours. BankerDoge also has externally boosted tokenomics, meaning that the token will benefit from every vault on the application. All vaults must either pay a small fee on entry and exit that is used to boost BankerDoge, or have stakers hold BankerDoge to enter and exit.

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
Presale 1 Allocation: 3.1%
Presale 2 Allocation: 5.52%
Presale 3 Allocation: 7.86%
DxSale Presale Allocation: 68.52%
Exchange/Airdrop Allocation: 15%


BankerDoge has already partnered with Altrucoin, Tiki Token, and VegasDoge before launch. They have stated that they plan to continue partnering with projects in the future, from unlaunched all the way up to household names. Each token will have one or more vaults on the application, choosing from the list of features that are offered.


BankerDoge has put in their roadmap that they plan to eventually decentralize the onboarding process. This would let any person create a vault for their favorite project, similar to how anybody can create a token presale on DxSale. To help protect users, a "levels" system has been put in place, which will let users understand how much information is publicly available about a project at a quick glance. Partnered Vaults will meet a set of requirements including a public security contract, while Standard Vaults have less information available about them.

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