Laser Eyes Ready To Clean Up BSC

Binance deployed the Binance Smart Chain in 2019. The smart chain has since exploded in popularity over the last year, because of the astonishingly high transaction costs on Ethereum, which have priced out most retail investors from participating in DeFi. Binance Smart Chain was created to give lower transaction costs and quicker block times. With innovation, however, comes manipulators looking to exploit everyday investors.

Laser Eyes Club has developed a brave product that automatically analyzes token contracts on DXSale and evaluates their validity. The Laser Eyes Club technology detects rugs or fraudulent schemes and makes them public to potential investors.

Retail investors buying into pre-sales without understanding if the projects are engineered to be fraudulent or not is a persistent concern in the BSC industry. Let’s face it, not everyone can audit a token’s code, which is why Laser Eyes Club created their tool to assist the ordinary investor in validating a project’s legitimacy.

Laser Eyes Club has a charitable roadmap ahead of them, which includes creating their own contract auditing service, enlarging their current scanning algorithm beyond DXSale contracts to all contracts, setting up their own launchpad for new tokens that requires a thorough audit prior to launch, and developing their own portfolio tracking app, designing their own educational platform which pays participants with airdropped tokens, and much more.

Users must own LaserEyes tokens, which go on presale on August 19th at 3pm UTC, in order to participate in the Laser Eyes Club platform.

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