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MADRID, July 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- BitBase has just celebrated the global launch of its BTBS token, an owned cryptocurrency that serves as a key to connect both the digital and physical worlds, and gives access to BitBase's financial services ecosystem with attractive conditions. Its total issuance will be 100 million BTBS, without the possibility of being increased.

As, the CEO of the company, which is already present in more than 18 cities, Álex Fernández, has commented , "BitBase was born in 2017 and since then it has been in constant evolution, always seeking to offer the widest range of financial services related to cryptoeconomics. In the last months, in addition to opening new stores and ATMs, we have launched credit lines for cryptocurrencies and soon we'll make a debit card available to our customers so that they can pay with their digital assets." In this way, BitBase's objective is to be the first national fintech company to unite elements of traditional banking, such as branch offices and personalized treatment, with opportunities offered by the crypto economy. In fact, it is already the firm with the most Bitcoin ATMs and other digital currencies in Spain and the fourth in Europe.

"Our value proposition is based on physical points of sale and ATMs, and various digital tools for the sale and custody of cryptocurrencies, but we were lacking the third pillar to complete the strategy, a cryptocurrency of our own to close the circle." The new cryptocurrency, BTBS, is a utility token on the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain networks and will serve to build customer loyalty, and within the BitBase ecosystem it will provide better conditions, allow access to exclusive services, get refunds, accumulate incentives or vote on company decisions. "Unlike other projects, our strategy has been to first build a profitable business with a recurring customer base, to now launch our currency and expand internationally by involving users in our expansion."

It is estimated that in Spain there are currently around 4 million cryptocurrency investors in cryptocurrencies, a figure that has not stopped growing, especially in recent months. Therefore, as they have highlighted, although digital asset popularity is growing, the average user needs to know them to know what to invest in and how to do so. The vision of the company is to make specialized stores available to the general population where not only can cryptocurrencies be bought or sold, but also clients can receive information, be advised or acquire other products related to the crypto world.

Each store has specialized personnel whose main task is to explain –in detail– what cryptocurrencies are, the blockchain or decentralized finance (DeFi).

"It is clear that cash is being used less and less and very interesting new forms of payment are emerging and growing fast that must be taken into consideration and encouraged," says Fernández. Thus, he insists, that "without a shadow of a doubt we are facing a new industrial revolution that will lead us to new methods and to believe in new values. Our goal is to transmit them and incorporate them into the lives of all those who want to evolve." BitBase's plans are to increase the range of services available to private clients, as well as opening a line thought out for companies that helps to bridge the gap between them and their clients in terms of crypto assets. In addition, work is underway with the objective to take the formula of physical points of sale and digital sales to new markets such as Portugal, France, Mexico or the UAE.

Continuing with their purpose of facilitating access to the digital currency ecosystem to anyone, during the event they have also conducted cryptocurrency training with top-tier guests, including: Víctor Ronco, Author of Cryptocurrency for dummies; Miguel Celades, scientific communicator; Pablo Ojangure, Dextools CTO; Jesús Lorente, specialist prosecutor; Rodri 'Fun on the ride', from the Criptonoticias You Tube channel and Álex Fernández and Adrià Llorens themselves, CEO and COO respectively and BitBase co-founders.

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About BitBase

In BitBase you can buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Ripple and other main cryptocurrencies in the market, at any time and anywhere in the world easily and safely either online or through their stores.

With their converter you will be able to see the exact amount that will be received, without additional costs. They facilitate the entry into the world of cryptocurrency for anyone interested in this complex universe, by combining technology with the human factor to help normalize this new global economy, decentralized in nature and with multiple benefits for everyone. Without a doubt we are facing a new industrial revolution that leads us to new methods and to believe in new values and its objective is to transmit them and incorporate them into the lives of all those who want to evolve.

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