IQDAX to Launch a New Ambassador Program TradeElite in July, 2021

IQDAX, a leading derivatives trading platform, is launching its all-new brand ambassador program TradeElite. The company will be quite generous in giving commissions to its brand ambassadors.

In today’s business world, brand ambassador programs have evolved into a powerful marketing tool for promoting brand awareness and building connections between the brand and potential customers.

IQDAX's TradeElite can play its magic as the company is already making a name in the financial world, and is dynamically growing its international presence, establishing itself as a global leader in cryptocurrency margin trading. As such, TradeElite approved members doing business with IQDAX as brand ambassadors will also stand to gain tremendously.

Already making its signature mark in the international financial market by connecting traders and investors to Crypto, FX, CFDs, Stocks and other popular asset classes on a single platform, IQDAX has earned strong market goodwill and reputation thus making it one of the most sought after companies.

Launched in 2021, IQDAX established itself as one of the safest and most profitable digital platforms for margin trading and asset exchange due to its multi-asset-class coverage, zero-commission trades, and a user-friendly way to put together over 200 trading assets in a robust trading environment.

Brand Ambassadors are a major part of the company's strategic roadmap for 2021, and the business is currently in an expansion mode which will certainly brighten the prospects for brand ambassadors at IQDAX. In this backdrop, TradeElite, IQDAX's brand new ambassador program, is being launched to further expand the business activities according to their global growth plan.

Launching TradeElite is a small step in the long-term plan to expand the IQDAX brand across more than 100 countries, and there is yet a long list of innovations waiting to be unveiled, with more to follow this July after the launch of TradeElite.

The in-progress business plan for Q3 2021 also includes, among others, IQDAX Client Support Center, trading API integration, Limit/Stop orders, bank transfers and card payments, and many more.

Overall, these features and benefits will greatly improve the prospects of brand ambassadors under the IQDAX ‘s TradeElite program which is currently rising very fast with the extension of the platform itself by deploying other various initiatives for the benefit of the clients and brand ambassadors.

IQDAX has already pegged an impressive transaction of over 10 million Euros as their daily volume of trade which is enviable to all financial platform-based services. Currently, it offers a golden opportunity for investors and traders in different asset classes like Forex, Crypto- or digital currencies, CFDs, Stocks and other popular derivatives.

The platform is now accessible on any device in a single digital account, which is a major benefit for the trader. And with the upcoming platform update, it will become possible to manage all trading operations through mobile apps on both Android and iOS devices. The risk factor for traders has also been minimized by introducing a truly multi-asset trading platform with over 200 trading assets.

As a result, it opens up avenues for the Brand Ambassadors of IQDAX from July, 2021, onwards.


TradeElite of IQDAX, being an innovative concept, can bring about a major revolution in the financial trading industry where IQDAX Brand Ambassadors will benefit in a major way. And since IQDAX enjoys a global presence, it now becomes even more attractive for the Brand Ambassadors.

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