Journey Clinical Launches Ketamine Prescription Service to Empower Independent Psychotherapists


NEW YORK, June 11, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Today, Journey Clinical announced the public launch of its first-of-its-kind ketamine prescribing service for independent psychotherapy practices. Journey Clinical provides independent licensed mental health practitioners and private psychotherapy practices the prescription services they need to provide safe, effective, and transformative ketamine-assisted psychotherapy for their patients.

Ketamine-assisted therapy, or KAP, is rapidly gaining popularity as a treatment for patients with treatment-resistant depression. Ketamine is also increasingly prescribed off-label for other depressive and anxiety disorders. Currently, KAP services are only available from chain clinics, or from a small number of self-employed psychotherapists.

Journey Clinical member psychotherapists gain access to trained in-house ketamine prescribers to provide KAP as part of their practice. Journey Clinical is the only service that guarantees independent clinicians access to ketamine prescriptions for eligible patients, along with a complete clinical and evidence-based system to maximize the safety and efficacy of ketamine-assisted psychotherapy and enhance patient outcomes.

"While studying to become an independent psychotherapist myself, I realized that it was difficult for practitioners who aren't interested in joining a chain clinic to provide ketamine-assisted psychotherapy for their patients," says Jonathan Sabbagh, who co-founded Journey Clinical with Myriam Barthes in 2020. "As more patients seek out ketamine and other psychedelic therapies, those providers who already have established relationships with patients are going to be the key to getting the treatments safely and efficiently to the millions of people who need them. That's why at Journey Clinical, we are honored to be at the service of independent psychotherapy practices."

To support its prescription service and ensure the highest quality care for patients, Journey Clinical has partnered with Fluence to provide expert-driven KAP training to its members. Journey Clinical members also get access to the leading outcomes-focused electronic health records system for psychedelic therapy through a partnership with Osmind.

"Journey Clinical has allowed me to do deeper work with more challenging patients," says Avi Klein, LCSW, an independent practitioner in New York, NY. "My patients feel safer to explore feelings that they were actively resisting in therapy. Journey Clinical services are easy to use, moving from an introductory conversation with a patient to facilitating a meeting with a prescriber to having a KAP session in my office."

Another Journey Clinical member, Rebecca Kronman, LCSW, in NYC, shares: "KAP helps my clients enter parts of their mind that are often difficult to access in traditional therapy sessions, and the work we've done can permeate in a more enduring way. Journey Clinical allows me to take advantage of this powerful therapeutic tool. "

Journey Clinical completed its pre-seed funding round in March 2021, with key support from Neo Kuma Ventures, PsyMed Ventures, and Beckley Waves, and will open its seed round this month.

"We were the first investor in Journey Clinical because we believe the service they offer to independent psychotherapists is absolutely critical for ensuring ketamine and other psychedelic-assisted therapies are available to patients who can't afford or don't trust chain clinics," says Amanda Feilding, co-founder of Beckley Waves and founder of the Beckley Foundation. "We are also impressed by the seriousness, rigor, and integrity with which Myriam and Jonathan manage the company."

"Journey Clinical is solving a key problem in this growing industry by allowing for greater democratization to psychedelic treatments, and their team is extremely qualified and driven," says Sean McLintock of Neo Kuma Ventures. "Journey Clinical is meeting a clear unmet need and actively disrupting a failing mental healthcare industry."

"We've been looking for companies that enable independent psychedelic therapy practitioners access to the same level of technology infrastructure as clinics," says Matias Serebrinsky of PsyMed Ventures. "Journey Clinical is serving this market with an out-of-the-box solution for the 1M+ independent practitioners working in the U.S. Jonathan and Myriam are in this space for the right reasons and understand the market."

Journey Clinical is now accepting applications from psychotherapists seeking to grow their practice with ketamine-assisted psychotherapy.


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Journey Clinical empowers independent psychotherapists to provide safe, effective, and transformative ketamine-assisted psychotherapy (KAP) for their patients. Journey Clinical member clinicians receive on-demand access to a licensed ketamine prescriber, along with a complete clinical and evidence-based care model to maximize the safety and efficacy of ketamine-assisted psychotherapy and enhance clinical outcomes.

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