SociallyInfused Media is Canada's Darling in Clutch's Top 100 Fastest Growing Firms for 2021

HAMILTON, ON, June 10, 2021 /CNW/ - Today, SociallyInfused Media Ltd., a full-service creative agency, announced that they have been ranked #2 globally in the Clutch 100 fastest-growing companies list.

The digital transformation taking place in Hamilton is amazing. We're really proud to put Hamilton on the map.

"It feels absolutely amazing to be recognized as one of the top B2B Service Providers for Fast Growth for 2021," says SociallyInfused Media founder and CEO Vincent Bucciachio.

Every year Clutch, a B2B reviews and ratings platform, recognizes service providers across all industries for their revenue growth and ability to deliver. Given the sheer number of companies that potentially qualify, being ranked #2 is a huge honour.

Social media and other digital communications have played a critical role in keeping brands connected to customers during the pandemic. During the past year, SociallyInfused Media has been helping clients maintain engagement, offer support, and build trust when regular methods of communication, like in-store interactions, have been reduced. The result has been a growth rate of 231.70%.

"Our growth has been astronomical this year and it's not all revenue, profits and client acquisition," Bucciachio explains. "We've performed an essential service by keeping brands connected to their audiences during lockdowns, social distancing, and other restrictions. Helping our customers maintain business continuity, along with our regular professionalism and commitment to customer service, is helping us accomplish our mission to be one of the fastest-growing organizations in our industry."

Established in 2008, SociallyInfused Media has been setting a new standard for reaching, engaging with, and converting audiences online. It provides brands with website design and development, creative production, social strategy, and paid media services. Leveraging over a decade of experience in the field, Bucciachio and his team help clients reach their target audience and convert them into brand advocates.

This award is a sign of Hamilton's increasing significance as a digital hub. The city continues to combine technology with the power of people to improve services, enhance quality of life, and create opportunities. As indicated on the Hamilton city website, its digital strategy includes making services accessible online, providing information to the public in a digestible format, and enabling data sharing and analytics to drive important decisions.

"It's amazing how much of a digital transformation is taking place in Hamilton," Bucciachio enthuses. "At SociallyInfused, it's our honour and privilege to be a major part of this change. We're also really proud to put Hamilton on the map."

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