SESSIA Successfully Crosses 100 in Adding Businesses to Its Blockchain Marketplace

LEWES, Del., May 3, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Bringing forward a symbiosis of social media in a marketplace to retain clients with no mediators, SESSIA's lucrative blockchain solutions have added more than 100 businesses to its marketplace. Retaining new clients in an innovative platform, SESSIA's blockchain-backed marketplace helps make businesses lucrative.

With a cashback and kickback system, backed by blockchain solutions, SESSIA helps payout immediate rewards with the loyalty program, hence offering the most effective way to draw and retain clients. With flexible settings for its loyalty program, every customer gets cashback for their friend's purchases.

SESSIA's business app helps clients create their own loyalty program in minutes. Here are the steps to get started:

  • Installation: Download the app from Google Play Store
  • Registration: Fill up the company details, followed by contact information to register and set up the company's profile.
  • Creating an E-shop: To create an e-shop, fill the shop's profile followed by navigating to the next steps.
  • Loyalty Programs: Set up the size of kickbacks, the percentage of cashbacks, and the number of payment levels followed by topping up the balance when needed.

Adding new products, new catalog sections, and curating a shop list is readily feasible after the completion of these steps followed by paying out cashback rewards.

Key Features of SESSIA's Marketplace

SESSIA's blockchain-based marketplace comes with a host of features like:

  • Internet Store Builder: An easy and convenient way to organize sales, SESSIA's store builder helps to create a mobile e-store, thereby allowing new users to readily customize services and goods and manage the orders.
  • Loyalty Program: Backed by no-commission payouts, SESSIA offers companies its flexible loyalty program, hence allowing the buyer to get a cashback for every purchase they and their known ones make.
  • Cashback Wallet: For paying out cashback for the loyalty program, a wallet can be refilled from the Kicks section. Other than that, the kickback and cashback awarding history of clients are also saved here, hence filtered by date.

Other than these features, there is an in-built smart scanner for client registration, CRM for business allowing to simplify business parameters, and social media for descriptions and receipts of all client's purchases.

"SESSIA crosses the century mark by attracting various businesses globally, thereby aiding in creating a community for business with its social marketplace. Backed by loyalty programs, SESSIA, by far has been successful in maintaining the interest of the community by attracting new members." Narek Sirakanyan, the President and Founder of SESSIA, told the media in an interactive session.

Earlier, SESSIA has experienced a huge surge in business registrations and lately, with all the buzz around its social marketplace, SESSIA looks forward to expanding its alliance with global enterprises with an aim to further its blockchain solutions.


SESSIA is the first-of-its-kind social marketplace that only needs a smartphone to work with. The blockchain-based platform comes with a built-in social network for advertising services, goods, and notifying simple and convenient e-shop constructor, clients, virtual ATS, advanced system of reports, smart-scanner, and additional beneficial business functions. SESSIA helps in building long-term relationships between clients and businesses without the need for any intermediaries. It is available in iOS, Android, and web versions for users. KICKS is currently listed on PayBito & BitForex crypto exchange.

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