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Charles Baldwin has been online since 1991 when he designed his first company website. Charles has been a serial entrepreneur, both offline and online, for over 50 years. He is currently the CEO of Divergency Social Media Ltd., in London,

For the vast majority of sites, good social media marketing can increase visitors and is very often the difference between those sites that are considered hugely successful and the many otherwise excellent sites that languish around the web unnoticed, never to realize their full potential, just as many business owners never realize their own potential.

As Charles Baldwin says: “To truly understand the market influences, you need to be able to understand the metrics that drive traffic to your site. You need to know the thoughts of your customers, as well as your own message to them.”

“To set up a profitable business you just have to do 3 things: Attract highly targeted prospects to your website, convert these prospects into buyers, and convert these buyers into repeat buyers. While this sounds really simple, it isn't. The words you choose to display on your website and ads can literally make or break your business. They're that important!”

New business requirements, caused by the worldwide pandemic, call for new ideas, which is where Divergency excels. The agency is called Divergency for a reason…they don't adhere to traditional methods of advertising. For an advertising campaign to be effective, it has to be innovative and original. Incorporating little-used social media channels, like TikTok and custom-designed chatbots for websites, Divergency promises to boost your return on ad spend and help lower operating costs.

Each business has its own unique needs and client base. Divergency will adopt a specific marketing strategy by engaging with its clients. They can provide website design, SEO, Social Media Management, Brand Management, Content Marketing, and a host of other strategies to provide their customers with a full-blown marketing program. For free information you can implement yourself, see their blog.

Divergency Social Media Ltd. has teams in London UK, Florida USA, and Manila, Philippines. This means that they can have someone always working on your campaigns, no matter whether your business is local, regional, national, or international.

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