Travel meets investments: Why businesses need to invest in Vacayz Travel Options now


NEW YORK, Feb. 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Everybody is aware of Bitcoin, watching its value go from $8K to a peak of $50K in just a few months. It just goes to show that buying when prices are low is the key to any sound investment. The same methodology of investing in stocks or real estate when the market is low now applies to investing in your future travels.

Most business owners have put all travel plans on hold until the uncertainty around the pandemic clears. And why wouldn't they? Who would invest in travel right now? The smart thing to do is to wait a few months. right?


Right now, booking prices are low, but when travel picks back up, not only will they increase- they will skyrocket.

With Vacayz, businesses can secure the low prices and great discounts offered now to use later when travel resumes.

Vacayz is a fintech startup that created a new financial Travel Options model for future bookings. It works to financially stabilize all parties in travel, even when the market is unpredictable.

With Vacayz, buyers don't commit to dates in order to book trips- they purchase Travel Options instead. By paying a small deposit out of the total booking cost, buyers secure attractive rates and discounts - without actually booking and committing to dates.

Geektime reviewed this innovative approach, writing, "Vacayz's disruptive platform essentially allows businesses to not only adjust to the current reality but also prepare for when business travel returns to normal."

The best part is that when prices do go up, buyers still pay the lower rate agreed upon in the Travel Option.

If plans change – they don't need to worry, their Travel Option is fully insured and refundable.

"Vacayz is changing the way people travel and think about traveling. Flexibility in the travel industry is key and thus usually equals expensive. The innovative concept of Travel Options will grant agility and considerable financial benefits for all parties involved," explains Levi Kushnir, the company's active Chairman, in an article written by Forbes Magazine.

To get started click here, or contact for more info.


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