Positioning Universal releases its AI Powered Fleet Camera Solution, a Dual Camera solution to capture the road and driver during critical events

SAN DIEGO, Feb. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Positioning Universal, a leading telematics equipment provider, announced today the release of their new AI powered dual camera solution, seamlessly integrating video and telematics while minimizing product footprint compared to other solutions.

The AI Powered Fleet Camera couples seamlessly with Positioning Universal's FT7500 Telematics Gateway which includes full GPS and fleet management capabilities. The new camera uses powerful edge processing to identify and capture only the critical events, bringing high quality video of exactly what occurred on the road and in the cab, as well as where it happened.

Other innovative features include real-time event notifications of critical events, as well as driver alerts and AI powered driver scoring.

Relentless hours were spent optimizing the performance of this product and minimizing its footprint, all to protect drivers while lowering costs.

"We have been focused on providing an offering that is affordable yet provides high-end AI-based telematics capabilities in a truck camera," said Mark Wells, CEO of Positioning Universal.

The AI Powered Fleet Camera may be added after outfitting the truck fleet with the FT7500 Telematics Gateway, providing deployment flexibility that many solutions don't provide.

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Positioning Universal is the leading global provider of customizable mobile IoT devices for equipment, vehicle and asset monitoring. We offer a comprehensive device ecosystem paired with a robust device management platform to help you remove the costs and challenges of designing, building, and managing hardware solutions, allowing you to focus on your core business and to deliver insights and value to your customers.

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