Seafood Restaurant in Singapore "Kin Hoi" Launches Exclusive Seafood Recipes

Holland Close, Feb. 28, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- There are many seafood restaurants in Singapore but the 4-month-old seafood venture (Kin Hoi) has different plans altogether. This newly launched Singapore-based seafood restaurant is accompanying various factors to provide a new experience to its customers. From individually cleaning the seafood to launching exclusive seafood dishes, it has been making continuous developments to give a unique seafood experience.

The brand "Kin Hoi" started initially on social media platforms ( & and after getting heartwarming feedback from their customers, it grew as a full-fledged restaurant. After growing sales from $10k in the first month to over $230k in 70 days, it is witnessing a sharp rise in its customer base owing to its exclusive product range. To date, Kin Hoi has sold 560,000 individual cockles! To maximize their output, Kin Hoi also invested in streamlining order-taking and delivery operations during the dine-in downtime in the afternoons.

Some Interesting facts about "Kin Hoi"

1. Before launching their seafood restaurant in Singapore, they did customer research and found that the major factor which their customers cared about is "hygiene". The customers wanted the seafood to be thoroughly clean, and using this factor, they started selling individually cleaned and carefully packed shellfish.

2. 40-50 cockles would weigh up to 1 kg. They started selling 10 kg of cockles a day, which has grown to 100 kg on average today. The most notable part is that even after such a high shift in their sales, they individually clean and pack shellfish.

3. As part of their scaling strategy, they wanted to deliver shellfish islandwide, so they invested in streamlining the order-taking and delivery operations during the dine-in downtime in the afternoons. Now with a fully integrated technology, they can deliver bulk orders smoothly.

4. Daniel (co-Founder) was the Head of International Business at a top media company In Indo-China while Atchara (co-founder) was an ex-senior executive in a reputable social media firm. They wanted to put their social media skills to good use, while selling something simple and joyful like shellfish, in a user-friendly way.

5. One of the major factors for their growth was the word-of-mouth publicity by the initial customers which kept snowballing to bring in a chain of new customers. The many positive customer reviews also keep them moving to make high-quality, delicious, and clean shellfish fun and accessible.

About Kin Hoi

Kin Hoi is a 4 months old Food & Beverages establishment that provides various seafood recipes and specializes in Shellfish. Both founder, Daniel Teo and his co-founder Atchara (who is of Thai descent) used to work as senior executives in the media industry. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, circumstances made them rethink their career plans. Atchara's grandmother handed down various ways to prepare seafood a la Thai and then, they saw an opportunity to help Singapore get over the "hum" of COVID-19 by tapping into Atchara's family recipes. Kin Hoi strives to become the best seafood restaurant in Singapore.

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