Fun Caticorn Coloring Pages Released By Wellington Press

There are those who love cats, there are those who love unicorns, and then there are those who love a little of both. As such, the Caticorn was born! Caticorns (also sometimes referred to as Unicorn Cats) are fun, adorable, and magical creatures of imagination that combine the best of what cat and unicorn enthusiasts love most.

Today, Wellington Press (a USA based Indie Publishing House), announced that their new Caticorn Coloring Pages book has launched on Amazon.

The super cute coloring book contains 25 of these lovable Unicorn Cats for kids (and super awesome, extra fun loving, adults) to color! With a variety of adorable, fun, and playful designs … these cute Caticorn coloring pages will provide hours of coloring fun!

These Fun Caticorn Coloring Pages Include The Following Themes:

  • Rainbows
  • Flowers
  • Moons
  • Shooting Stars
  • Balloons
  • and more!

Additional Features Of The Book:

  • 8.5 x 8.5 Trim Size
  • Cute variety of Caticorns
  • One-sided coloring pages to help prevent bleed-through
  • Printed on bright white, 60 pound stock

A representative for Wellington Press stated, “We are excited to release these Caticorn coloring pages, as we have gotten quite a few requests for them. There is a pretty large niche following for Unicorn Cats, with equal enthusiasm coming from both kids and adults … and why wouldn't there be? These magical little creatures are absolutely adorable, and just plain fun to color! We are pretty excited to now offer our amazing customers these Caticorn coloring pages to enjoy for themselves.”

Interested Caticorn enthusiasts can find the book (including a sneak peak of the pages) on the Wellington Press website by visiting:

The book can be purchased on Amazon at:

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