Orijin Bees' Dolls of Color Beautifully Empowers Every Soul

For many years, black and brown girls have had to settle for the fair-skinned dolls that dominate shelves in stores. Pretend play is beneficial to children as it improves their empathy and social skills, and Orijin Bees is on a mission to promote inclusivity and normalize black and brown representation during pretend play.

With dolls that come in various skin tones and textures of curly hair, each child can pick the ones that most look like them. These dolls come in two sizes: 18-inch fashion dolls in the Curl Girlfriends Collection and 12-inch Baby Bee Collection dolls. Each doll is created with the best quality and incredibly realistic, seemingly natural hair. You will find dolls with hair ranging from 3a to 4c curl patterns. If that wasn’t enough, all these beauties come with custom-designed handmade outfits. Rumor has it that they will be releasing additional clothing and accessories that can be purchased separately for both collections soon!

Each child deserves the opportunity to play with high-quality dolls that look like them. Inclusivity is one of the company’s core values, which is why it continues to expand its collections and also why Orijin Bees came up with a program to provide these dolls to children that may not have an opportunity to have dolls that resemble them or their community. The GetONE GiftONE program gifts dolls to deserving children. Through this program, this company hopes that each child is given a chance to develop self-love and confidence during pretend play. As the Orijin Bees founder says, “Every girl deserves a doll that looks like them!” and they are standing by this message! Orijin Bees has gifted dolls to little girls through schools, orphanages, churches, other nonprofit orgs and directly to disadvantaged families both domestically and internationally.

Orijin Bees is a cleverly conceptualized brand name as it is an abbreviation of their mission: Our Representation Is Just Inclusion Normalized, Beautifully Empowering Every Soul. The company pours its efforts into creating safe and durable high-quality products that will last through years of use.

As the go-to brand for products for children of the black and brown community, it hopes to maximize its social impact and create more opportunities to show children that they were perfectly created. Orijin Bees has also begun launching products that teach values and lessons from communities of color and its cultures. They know first hand that self-confidence begins from within. Through “cultural education,” Orijin Bees believes that its products will begin to fill in the gap where many school systems are lacking in teaching black and brown children about their history and cultures. They are approaching inclusivity from all angles and have everyone on their toes for what products will be released next!

Orijin Bees strives for their brand to positively influence the black and brown community and help develop the leaders of tomorrow. Learn more about Orijin Bees and their efforts to make the world more inclusive through their products at OrijinBees.com.

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