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Usewalter Partners with Snaile Canada to Offer a Synergistic Parcel Management Experience in Multi-residential Buildings


TORONTO, Nov. 16, 2020 /CNW/ - Smart technology is fast becoming a driving force behind how we live, work and play. For those who live work and play in multi-residential apartments, office towers, student residences and condos, this is even more apparent as developers, property management companies and other multi-residential stakeholders have been among the earliest adopters of smart technology – so much so that they have carved out their own category, aptly called "PropTech." The best part about the latest PropTech platforms is the way in which they work together to further enhance the user experience. It is with that in mind that Snaile Canada has partnered with Montreal-based Usewalter to optimize parcel management solutions in multi-residential buildings across Canada.

About Usewalter

Usewalter is a smart building SaaS technology that enables instant communication across all platforms between residents and property management personnel; it centralizes all incoming resident requests, and automates such functions as amenity booking, remote entry, parking passes, and more. The app also offers a curated selection of on-demand services for residents – from dog-walking to drycleaner and laundry pick-up – creating a hotel-like living experience and streamlining communications and the overall workflow for property management personnel. Usewalter technology also integrates seamlessly with smart building hardware, such as Snaile smart parcel lockers, providing a streamlined and simplified experience for its users and a one-stop portal for virtually all resident needs.

About Snaile

Canadian owned and operated Snaile is the only smart locker company that is officially approved by all major carrier companies in Canada. Snaile's modular and entirely customizable lockers offer parcel management solutions, including automated notifications, contactless collection, and secure storage for multi-residential buildings in 24 cities (and counting) from coast to coast. The carrier agnostic, fully automated lockers prevent parcel theft, damage and costly fire code violations that can otherwise result from unsecured parcels being left in lobbies. The company's Canadian-based 24/7 bilingual support and robust, hosted-in-Canada, cloud-based software ensure a seamless, efficient parcel management experience for residents and property management personnel alike. Concierge and security staff no longer have to spend countless hours managing incoming deliveries and tracking down recipients – a task which surveys indicate can amount to 10 minutes per parcel. And Snaile smart parcel lockers integrate easily with several other software platforms, such as Usewalter, to provide a totally synergistic user experience.

Even Better Together

For those customers with both a Snaile smart parcel locker and the Usewalter app on board, delivery and collection notifications that would normally be generated and sent by Snaile directly are instead embedded within the Usewalter platform, simplifying the communication process with residents and delivering the messages within an app they are already using for multiple other purposes. "One of the very few shortcomings to come out of all of the conveniences offered by smart technology," says Snaile CEO Patrick Armstrong, "is having the multiple platforms constantly sending out notifications and the double entry that can occur when running several unintegrated systems. The partnership between Snaile and Usewalter declutters this messaging, allowing residents and personnel to enjoy the benefits of both technologies in one simplified format."

To celebrate this newly formed strategic alliance, Usewalter will be offering pricing advantages to property management clients with an existing Snaile locker on site. With a focus on high-density urban areas, Usewalter is rapidly expanding beyond its home-base of Montreal into Ontario and Western Canada and the formation of strategic alliances, such as that with Snaile, is just one of the ways that they are achieving this growth. Peter Mazoff, President and CEO of Usewalter, says, "Leveraging Snaile's impressive footprint with the convenience of Usewalter's ability to integrate all aspects of smart building technology into one application allows building residents to benefit from the seamlessness of our two products and get even more use out of their smart locker."

As for Snaile's motivation behind the partnership, Armstrong explains, "We are excited to partner with like-minded companies with a vested interest in optimizing efficiencies in the Canadian multi-residential market. The Usewalter team shares our vision of providing secure, reliable and convenient solutions to enhance and simplify the resident and personnel experience in condos and apartment buildings across Canada."

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