Dvele Launches The First Software Defined Home

LA JOLLA, Calif., Nov. 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Today Dvele, a San Diego-based housing technology company, debuted its newest innovation, DveleIQ. This is the first whole home solution built from the foundation up with artificial intelligence to promote the health of its occupants, the health of the home, and the health of the planet. Engineered to be timeless and adaptive, for the first time, Dvele is equipping homes with systems that actually allow the home to be intuitive and learn/improve over time.

Dvele was founded to deliver healthy, beautiful sustainable housing with a relentless pursuit of each home being better tomorrow than it was today. All future Dvele and Blu Homes, with Dvele inside, will come standard with the new DveleIQ, to further our goal of greater occupant health and building efficiency. A significant portion of a building's environmental impact is tied to the durability of the structure. With over 300 real-time sensors and DveleIQ, Dvele homes will be able to communicate preemptive maintenance to ensure the durability and health of itself (the actual home) and its occupants.

"When we evaluated the market looking for a smart home partner, nothing aligned to our core tenets of occupant and planet health, so we decided to move the industry forward and build the first 100% integrated, intelligent, software-defined home, complementing our self-powered home product. Delivering our promise of quality of life through integrated intelligence," said Matt Howland, President of Dvele.

Imagine a home that is so brilliant it can anticipate an occupant's arrival, or a home that knows just the right time to begin ventilating and circulating fresh oxygenated air. DveleIQ is so efficient that it automates environmental quality to provide for ultimate health-promotion and stress-free living. Gone are the days of worrying about mold, poor indoor air quality, insufficient air circulation, or worrying if the doors have been left open. At Dvele, we strive to make the learning curve for the occupant of the home, with respect to the home's technology, as simple as possible while at the same time creating a machine that is so intricate that it is able to swiftly and efficiently adapt to the occupant's lifestyle.

"We set out to build the healthiest homes in the world for our occupants and the planet. In order to do that, we had to innovate. We've found that through software and embedded intelligence, not only can we deliver healthier homes today, but they will continue to evolve and improve tomorrow. What this means for our owners, is that they will have a home that is more enjoyable, healthier and more valuable in time," said Kurt Goodjohn, Founder & CEO of Dvele.

To learn more about DveleIQ and the future of housing technology visit http://www.dvele.com/dveleiq.

About Dvele

Dvele is a privately held producer of next-generation modular homes. Founded in 2017 by pioneers of the modern modular home industry, San Diego-based Dvele has leveraged their expertise and efficient manufacturing process to create hyper-efficient, self-powered homes. Their philosophy is to develop homes that are better for your overall health and well-being, while also contributing to the well-being of the planet. These homes minimize waste and exceed structural, environmental, and home performance standards, without sacrificing an aesthetically pleasing style.  For more information, visit http://www.dvele.com.

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