Romanian company ITC is developing a revolutionary solution for flood prevention and warning

Romanian company ITC is developing a revolutionary solution for flood prevention and warning
One of the oldest It&C companies in Eastern Europe is developing a revolutionary solution for flood prevention and warning.

Founded in 1967 as a National Research and Development Institute, ITC (Integration of Technology in Complex projects) – Institute for Computers, had marked important moments in creating and developing the computer field in Romania. Before Microsoft was established, they can be called Percussor and influencer of the other branch companies. One of the notable projects during communist time was related to the first Nuclear Plant in Romania, where they developed the first ever custom computer system. Since 1990, the company has targeted private companies in Romania, as the market has developed in that direction.

With more than 300 research projects delivered, makes ITC much more than just an it&c company. They are coming with a new way of Innovation that will significantly impact the world, reducing the city’s potential damage.

City Protect is the project born from this concern, officially registered at the Trade Mark agency in Romania.

They involve experts, aware of the most critical steps with the best resources as data centres, supercomputing facilities, and strategic partnerships with key software global players, to lead in this new era of technology and solve some of the world’s most challenging problems. Global climate changes and foresees potential flood events, allowing warnings to determine effective measures quickly.

The company is coming up with a solution for flood prevention and warning, based-on the climatological (rainfall intensity, snow precipitation, temperatures, etc.)

And hydraulic factors (circulating flows in the rivers, levels in the reservoirs, a situation of the spillway gates, etc.) that can manage the reservoirs sufficiently in advance to the lamination of floods.

Using sensors to appropriately capture data of a hydraulic-hydrological type in a series of control points strategically located in the basin, where the necessary equipment is installed to acquire the data, process them, store them temporarily, and transmit them to the Control Centre.

The solution aims to provide an improved integrated water monitoring on both the assessment and evolution of water resources and the monitoring and characterization of the behavior in operation of water management works and their effects on the use and capitalization of water resources.

With all the knowledge and Innovation, ITC became in the last years part of a billion-dollar holding in Romania.

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