Business Owner Anas Martirosian to Launch New Education System for Aspiring Young Entrepreneurs

The revolutionary education system is designed to give young entrepreneurs the skills to create personal brands

The technology today has given many bright young minds the opportunity to make an impact in the business world. Aside from innovative ideas and technology, some of the most important requirements of a successful business are having the right knowledge and skills. Notable public figure and business owner Anas Martirosian will be launching an education system for aspiring young entrepreneurs, to help them develop the right skillset.

Anas Martirosian is an entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist. Born in London, he owns businesses in both the United Kingdom and the United States. Known for his enviable contact book full of high net worth individuals, corporate accounts, and boutiques companies; Mr. Martirosian has also worked with private family offices as well as venture capital funds.

Working with clients from all over the world, Mr. Martirosian is quite known among high net worth individuals. The knowledge and experiences he has gained while working with high profile clients and companies have inspired him to create a new education system that focuses on young entrepreneurs.

The multi-business owner plans to revolutionize the 100 year old education system. The goal of the new education system is to provide aspiring entrepreneurs everyday usable skills and knowledge that will enable them to create their own personal brand.

Building a personal brand is a challenging task with high rewards. Among many other things, it involves the right mindset, awareness, and skills. Having the ability to connect with a target audience is a feat on its own.

Capturing the attention of the chosen audience, and being able to maintain that attention is quite important to the success of a new brand. Creating new experiences and being able to influence customers towards the direction of the brand are key to its success as well.

Developing multiple soft skills is also essential in establishing a brand. These include soft skills such as adaptability, confidence, likability, and empathy among many others.

Not every aspiring entrepreneur is readily armed with all these skills. Education and guidance from industry experts are incredibly valuable to any entrepreneur, whether young or old; beginner or seasoned business owners.

Running a business and creating brands is a never ending learning process, wherein gaining knowledge and new sets of skills is always an advantage. These, combined with the digital landscape that enables businesses to have a wider reach, give aspiring entrepreneurs endless possibilities.

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Anas Martirosian is a London-born notable public figure, multiple business owner, investor, and philanthropist.

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