Level01 Incorporates Bloomberg Data into FairSense AI

Hong Kong, Oct. 01, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Level01, the pioneer in decentralized AI-assisted derivatives trading, in a move to further enhance their position within the DeFi sector, will exclusively use data from Bloomberg, the global business and financial information and news leader.

Bloomberg's market data feed (B-PIPE) will provide real-time derivatives data to Level01's proprietary FairSense AI, which derives and provides real time, dynamic, fair price value to all users of the decentralized platform, a first in the global derivatives market.

Of the new partnership and what it means to the future of Level01 as well as DeFi as a whole, Level01 Founder, Jon Loi, stated:

"We believe that we are ahead in the industry for AI-driven derivatives trading; encompassing everything a reliable trading platform requires: fair pricing, risk assessment, quick matching, instant settlement, no security risks and total reliability through Digital Ledger Technologies and AI. Users can now trade derivative contracts with a complete peace of mind and be equipped with all the necessary tools to make informed decisions. Most people are hyped up about the decentralized borrowing and lending aspects of DeFi, but overlook that derivatives trading is one of the biggest markets around and we will be leading the DeFi charge into this market with our platform."

"We are pleased to be partnering with Level01 to incorporate our data into their innovative derivatives trading platform powered by AI," said Heena Chakravorti, APAC Head of Enterprise Data. "We will further nourish their system with accurate, live derivatives pricing data and enhance their offering to retail investors."

Level01 is a pioneer in decentralized peer-to-peer derivatives trading with a companywide focus on maintaining transparency and efficiency through implementation of Decentralized Ledger Technology, big data and AI. The company intends to bring to life an often misunderstood word, "Trustless" - dispensing the need for trust, with its innovative DeFi platform.

Leveraging upon its proprietary FairSense AI, the company seeks to advance its mission of allowing traders of every level a new and trustless way to participate in the world of derivatives trading without the barriers and frictions set in place by traditional brokerage firms.

About FairSense AI

FairSense™ AI is the underlying technology of Level01's fair value AI analytics assisted pricing discovery mechanism, which is designed using cross-stream analytics that are usually only available to institutional organizations.

FairSense™ automatically assists investors to assess fair values of contracts they seek to trade and continuously update their bid or offer price relative to the FairSense™ implied value thus offering fair value pricing to both sides of a trade, that is accurately adjusted every second (tick by tick) to current live market conditions.

FairSense™ algorithms observe and sequence real-time, cross-market variables in the most liquid financial markets, which provide the most consistent market prices thus allowing investors to trade consistently with other assets globally, providing improved liquidity and price discovery on Level01's peer-to-peer exchange.

Leveling the playing field – Retail traders can now trade with the same efficiency as professionals with FairSense™ estimating true market value of the contracts that they seek to trade.

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