Guci Image Introduces New Breakthrough Technology for Hair Loss Treatment from Spain

This hair loss center uses a needle-less mesotherapy gun to treat thinning hair, alopecia, and other hair loss problems

Finding the best solution for thinning hair, alopecia, and other hair loss problems is often a challenge. Hair loss center Guci Image believes that determining the cause of hair loss is important before discovering the best solution around. To help more patients, the center introduces the first needle-less mesotherapy gun in the US, its newest technology for the treatment of hair loss. They also offer a wide range of hair regrowth, replacement and restoration technologies to treat all stages of hair loss for men, women, and children.

“Our philosophy pushes us to respect science, create innovations, and provide solutions,” said the President at Guci Image.

Guci Image’s needle-less mesotherapy gun is its newest breakthrough technology from Barcelona, Spain. The device increases the absorption of active hair loss ingredients into deeper skin layers. It uses electroporation energy and transdermal delivery to do such a process.

Hair loss patients who choose to use this form of treatment at the center will have a therapy that’s non-invasive and pain-free and proven. All they have to do is to sit, relax and wait for a hair loss technician to perform the procedure. First, the technician will apply the necessary topical prepping solution prior to their hair loss treatment. Then, the mesoject device using a computer micro-chip is applied on the scalp in a motions similar to using a gun. This procedure activates the absorption of the proprietary hair loss cocktails being administered.

The device’s manufacturer, a leading pharmaceutical company has undergone protocols and clinical trials especially designed for the mesotherapy gun and its products, ensuring they are safe to use.

Guci Image believes that early detection is the key when it comes to treating hair loss. When a patient visits the center, the company’s staff does digital analysis and HDA testing to gather important information regarding the patient’s hair loss condition. Then, they’ll discuss the best approach for the prevention of further hair loss and treatment options for possible regrowth.

To treat early to moderate stage thinning, the center uses low-level laser light therapy. According to Guci Image, studies show that 85% of patients who use this method stop the progression of hair loss and promote regrowth. It is an FDA-cleared, all-natural technology that works by nourishing follicles and sending pulses of energy to inactive follicles. This process sparks the follicles back into their regrowth phase. This technology can be combined with the above mentioned EPM mesoject technology for a more robust regrowth effect.

For advanced hair loss, the treatment is more case-specific based on one’s evaluation of triggers and degree of hair loss. When regrowth is no longer an option, the patient may consider Cosmetic Transdermal Reconstruction (CTR). It’s the most advanced hair replacement technology using a membrane like skin with human hair injected into it to achieve a natural hairline and ultimately, a fuller and more beautiful looking hair.

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Guci Image is a group of hair loss treatment experts trained to treat early to severe stage hair loss disorders. For over 25 years, this hair loss center has been helping men, women, and children by providing the best treatment around.

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