Versus Game Announces The Launch Of First-Ever Gaming Economy

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Versus Game, the world's leading consumer prediction marketplace, has announced the launch of its own gaming economy through a new exclusive feature that will give players the ability to host their own games. The first of its kind, the innovation will be a unique opportunity for users to earn money and grow their own social following.

Versus Game is a mobile game dedicated to rewarding consumers for their knowledge and predictions on matchups related to celebrities, pop culture, food, business and more. The new gaming economy feature will be available exclusively in the game's Android app, and will enable players to create their own custom games using Versus Game's classic formula (i.e. Which show will be the most popular on Netflix this week?). Hosts can choose to keep the games exclusive to their inner circle or open them up for anyone in the world to play, and will earn a portion of the revenue generated from each game they create.

Currently sitting at over 3 million users, Versus Game launched last year and has given away over $8.5 million in cash prizes, with $4 million being during the current COVID era. The game has partnered with popular celebrities, brands and influencers, including Fat Joe, Foodgod and Remy Ma, and is dedicated to creating an exclusive environment for fans and talent to interact. This fall, Versus Game is planning to launch exciting collaborations with ESPN, Cumulus Media, Maxim, Lil Baby, Steve Aoki, Amanda Cerny and more.

To date, Versus Game has been a platform used by influencers and celebrities to earn money and engage with fans in a meaningful and entertaining way. With the launch of the new user-created game feature, Versus Game will open up that unique opportunity to the masses, giving anyone and everyone the chance to earn money, grow their following and build their personal brand.

"We created Versus Game because we firmly believe that knowledge should be rewarded, and with the launch of our very own gaming economy, players will have an even larger stake in their own brand," says John Vitti, Founder and CEO of Versus Game. "It's natural human behavior to make predictions surrounding culturally relevant moments, and Versus Game pays people for doing just that. The new feature will take it a step further, and give our users the ultimate opportunity to earn big, gain followers, and create compelling games. We can't wait to see what players come up with."

The new gaming economy feature will be available exclusively on Versus Game's new Android app, launching Tuesday, September 8. For more information, please visit

Versus Game is a consumer prediction marketplace that presents timely and relevant interactive games, giving users the opportunity to get paid for being right. Players can predict the outcome of their favorite brands, celebrities, musicians, movies, athletes and more for cash prizes, with the platform being the first of its kind to bring power to the masses and allow consumers to capitalize on their knowledge of mainstream culture. To date, the platform has over 3 million users and has given away over $8.5 million in cash prizes. For more information, please visit

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