CuneXus and Pulsate Collaboration Delivers 55% Lift in Mobile Loan Production

DUBLIN, Ireland and SANTA ROSA, Calif., Aug. 19, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- CuneXus, a leader in consumer lending automation and pioneer of Perpetual Loan Approval™ technology, and Pulsate, a mobile banking personalization software company, have released the results of a successful pilot program, demonstrating a 55% lift in mobile loan redemption for a $1.8B U.S. financial institution.

"Partnering with Pulsate on this project has been amazing. We're extremely excited for the way our teams and technologies have come together to produce such an impressive result for our client," said Dave Buerger, president & CEO of CuneXus.

The collaboration involved a three-way integration of the companies' respective softwares and the lender's mobile banking platform, with the goal of demonstrating a lift in mobile and overall loan offer redemption.

CuneXus' software generated perpetually pre-approved loan offers for the institution's entire customer base, providing them with the ability to activate a variety of different consumer loan products in less than 10 seconds.

Pulsate's mobile banking personalization platform delivered contextual offer communications to customers via in-app and push notifications based on a series of smart rules and triggers, including:

Geo-Fenced Push Notifications - upon entering a big box home improvement store or car dealership, for example.
Behavioral Notifications - in-app and push notifications based on the user's behavior in the mobile banking app.
Targeted / Timed Notifications - in-app and push notifications based on the user's profile and available product offers.
Trigger / Rule Based Notifications - notifications based on various rule sets and if / then scenarios.

Together, CuneXus and Pulsate delivered a 55% lift in mobile redemptions and a 49% lift in total redemptions over the course of two 90-day campaigns, accounting for nearly 1,400 loans and $35 million in total volume. A full case study with additional details is expected in the coming weeks.

"CuneXus has developed a truly innovative product with their Perpetual Loan Approval software," said Sarah Martin, CEO of Pulsate. "What a fantastic compliment to our technology and a big win for our mutual client and their customers."

About CuneXus
CuneXus is focused on data-driven application-free lending that helps financial institutions optimize operational efficiency and customer experience. Its pioneering technologies are at the forefront of the transition to a new era of customer empowerment through on-demand lending and borrowing. With more than 140 of the nation's largest credit unions and community banks as clients, CuneXus has generated tens of billions of dollars in consumer loan volume by bringing transparent borrowing experiences to over 18 million consumers in every major U.S. market. Among its numerous accolades the company has been recognized as one of just ten startups to watch on KPMG's global report of "The 50 Best Fintech Innovators;" named the winner of the "Best Consumer Lending Company" in the 2020 Fintech Breakthrough Awards; named the winner of the Callahan & Associates 2019 "Innovation in Lending" award, and named "Top Emerging Technology Company" at the 2019 LendIt Fintech Industry Awards. Visit for more information.

Dave Buerger
Co-founder, CuneXus
Phone: 877-509-2089 x101

About Pulsate
Pulsate is a marketing platform that enables financial institutions to proactively communicate with customers in real-time. Its technology enables financial institutions to maintain and strengthen the relationship with their banking customers across the US. By leveraging behavioral and location data, they deliver personalized offers and time-sensitive information. Throughout the COVID crisis, Pulsate has helped community banks and credit unions to engage their most at-risk members and ensure they have access to financial support and digital services when they need it. Founded in 2014, Pulsate is driving the transformation of marketing in retail banking to support the continued growth of community banking institutions in an increasingly digital world. Visit for more information.



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