David DeLouise and Lou Ferrigno Guest Star in New Episodes of The Adventures of Velvet Prozak

LOS ANGELES, July 15, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- 33 Entertainment Inc., the creator of The Adventures of Velvet Prozak, an original comedy series with worldwide acclaim, has just announced David DeLouise (Wizards of Waverly Place, Stargate SG-1) and Lou Ferrigno (The Incredible Hulk, The King of Queens) have each guest starred in new, never-before-seen episodes. The episodes have been filmed to complete the first four episodes of the series, as the pilot episode reached over 1M views within a few days of premiering on YouTube.

"We're not just filming a new comedy series, we're building a brand and a great fanbase around the world," said Saige Walker, Lead Actor in The Adventures of Velvet Prozak, CEO and founder of 33 Entertainment. "Having David and Lou join us for key episodes of the series has been a treat for the whole cast and crew. Their level of professionalism and personality have really made these new episodes must-watches. We look forward to continuing to create more content and rolling out a full series that people everywhere will love."

Episode two, "Cougar Hunting" guest stars Lou Ferrigno as himself, Eric Lutes (Days of Our Lives, 90210) as Christopher Bradley, and Tiffany Fallon (Every Other Holiday, Along Came the Devil 2) as Sydney.

Episode three, "Highatus" as well as Episode four, "Wahoo" guest stars David DeLouise as Dean Romano.

"I had a lot of fun filming two episodes of The Adventures of Velvet Prozak," said David DeLouise. "The viewers are in for a lot of laughs and a really good time. Honored to be part of such a forward-thinking series with a great cast and crew."

Once production can be re-opened, the team is looking forward to filming more episodes to complete the first season of the series.

"The Adventures of Velvet Prozak is the single best new comedy show I've worked on lately," Andy Lauer, Director. "The show has so much potential. Anyone who watches it will fall in love with this one instantly "


EPISODE 2: "Cougar Hunting" is about how financially survive in Hollywood Barth goes all in on Stoner Brian's half-baked idea to find a sugar momma (Cougar) to pay all their bills. Bartholomew lands into a big pile of poop! After losing his apartment he moves into Stoner Brian's trailer. Jack, his talent manager, advises him to join Stoner Brian's acting class but when Barth finds the class is too expensive, Stoner B sets up an evening of cougar hunting. He advises Barth that "Sugar mommas on the prowl, willing to spend their husbands' money on them" is their BIG break. This solution is perfect time for opportunist, Velvet Prozak (Barth's alter ego), to take over and the Cougar Hunting fantasy begins. When they wake up the next morning Barth encounters a different reality. Chased away with baseball bat crazed husband the two escape, penniless and find that their bond grows stronger in their shared experience.

EPISODE 3: In "Highatus" Barth and Stoner B stir up a high outing to have an epic party weekend at a fraternity but a University Dean has other plans, so they decide to help the fraternity with an even bigger party. It's downtime for Bartholomew as auditions are slow. Stoner Brian and Barth stir up some fun to get into a college frat party. Kappa Kai the modern-day animal house demands a successful Wa-hoo which they will pull off by stealing a bear truck. They are added to Kappa Kai's legendary wall. Dean Romano (played by David Delouise) has plans to turn the frat house into a faculty spa.

EPISODE 4: In "Wahoo" Barth decides to miss his audition for a series with Selena Gomez that his talent manger Jacks demands he attend. Still at the fraternity Kappa Alpha Alpha, at Backass University, he and Stoner Brian throw the biggest party ever for the frat. Barth and Stoner B help the frat brothers with their back rent by getting a famous DJ to play at the fraternity party. The result, the biggest frat house party the school campus has ever seen! In the end the fraternity raises the money to pay their debt and saves the frat house from the evil Dean Romano. Jack puts Barth on the client naughty list and is also banned for life with the television series casting director. Barth realizes for friends and family it was totally worth it.

About the Adventures of Velvet Prozak
The series is based around Bartholomew Fogglehorn (Saige Walker), a young actor who moves to Hollywood with dreams of becoming a star. Barth escapes his life of Murphy's Law by disappearing into his own elaborate, movie star adventures and music video style fantasies through his alter ego, Velvet Prozak. When Barth acts and embarks on his alter ego's adventures he discovers a whimsical world that's wilder and zanier than he could have ever imagined. Learn more about The Adventures of Velvet Prozak: aovelvetprozak.com


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