Hacker Noon Opens Public Nominations for Second Annual #Noonies: The Tech Industry's Real Insider Awards


EDWARDS, Colo., July 14, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Hacker Noon, the technology publishing platform, opened public nominations for the Noonies 2020 in partnership with Amplify Exchange, the best place to buy and sell crypto worldwide with zero trading fees. Anyone can now nominate anyone for a Noonie by visiting noonies.tech.

There are 200 Noonies across five major categories: technology, decentralization, software development, future heroes, and back to the internet. The Hacker Noon staff has curated a minimum of 5ish nominees for each award, and now will add at 5ish more nominees for each award based on the community's nominations. Voting will open one month from today on August 13th.

"July 13th marks the 1 year anniversary of the launch of Hacker Noon 2.0," said Hacker Noon CEO David Smooke. "To commemorate our evolution into a software company, we launched the Noonies 2.0, which is powered by our own award voting software. With this year's Noonies, we worked very hard to improve the experience for voters, nominees and sponsors. Very much looking forward to working with the internet to recognize technological innovators."

In addition to Amplify Exchange as the headline sponsor, the Noonies features many other sponsors for individual Noonies, such as Radix, Sustany Capital, Grant for the Web, Skillsoft, Beyond Skills, Udacity, and Flipside Crypto. There are still some individual awards available to sponsor, learn more here.

"When it comes to this year's selection process, we were primarily focused on ways to make the Noonies more inclusive, diverse, and representative than last year. Which is, unsurprisingly, still not an easy task, in tech today," explains Hacker Noon's Managing Editor, Natasha Nel. In line with this aim, Hacker Noon has extended this year's open, public nominations period to a full one month, before voting opens on August 13th. "We're looking forward to this opportunity to learn from each other, celebrate great work; start important conversations about what matters in tech today; and provide a platform for the people behind-the-scenes, those responsible for building our collective futures, so to speak, to be seen, heard and recognized for their contributions."

"We are so excited by our partnership between Amplify Exchange and Hackernoon to bring the best in innovation and technology to the forefront of everyone's minds," said Amplify Exchange CEO, Justin Tabb. "Especially in these times, taking time to recognize the exceptional work that happens every day across industries is a great initiative that we are proud to join. At Amplify Exchange, our eyes are always on "the best". That focus is mainly about what will continue to build the best platform to buy and trade crypto, but when we saw the chance to broaden that spectrum to look at "the best" in so many other categories, we jumped at it. We've been working with Hackernoon to make this year's Noonies the absolute best they can be and can't wait to see what's in store."

Some of the notable Noonies Tech Awards are:

Top Tech YouTuber, sponsored by Radix*
Innovative Company of the Year: Artificial Intelligence, presented in partnership with Skillsoft
Social Network of the Year
Startup Blogger of the Year
No Code Innovation of the Year
Creative Innovation of The Year
WFH Innovation of the Year
Most Promising Billion Dollar+ SAAS Startup
Best Defi Initiative (NeoBanks), presented in partnership with Sustany Capital
Winner Winner Bitcoin Twitter
Most Influential Blockchain Engineer
The Best Analytical Mind in Crypto, sponsored by Flipside Crypto
Hacker Noon Contributor of the Year - PROGRAMMING, presented in partnership with Udacity
Hacker Noon Contributor of the Year - AGILE
Innovator of the Year: Software Development, sponsored by Mental Health Advocate of the Year Skillsoft
Accessibility Tech Innovation of the Year
Extension of the Year
Newsletter of the Year
Slack, Telegram, and/or Discord Channel of the Year
Most Innovative Transportation Tech
Podcast Episode of the Year
Best Web Monetization Innovator
Hacker Noon Contributor of The Year: CYBERSECURITY, sponsored by Skillsoft
Best Web Monetization Innovator, sponsored by Grant for the Web
Best Coding Music Album

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The Noonies are an annual tech industry awards event, presented online by Hacker Noon, built to recognize and reward the most innovative people and products in technology today. Conceptualized in early 2019, Hacker Noon's first annual Noonies celebrated the contributions of over 500 internally and publicly nominated technologists, thinkers, makers, and leaders in tech. The second edition will run for an extended period of three months, with public nominations open for a full month from July 13 to August 12.


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