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AB BIOINNOVATIONS, Inc. Announces a Ground-Breaking Alternative to Antibiotics


The AB BIOINNOVATIONS, Inc. Antibacterial and Anti-inflammatory strips 1. Immediately resolve the very infection (including antibiotic-resistant bacteria), which its color indicator has detected; 2. AB BIO compound also immediately addresses inflammation at the site, thus suppressing pain, swelling, and discomfort.

New York, NY, June 03, 2020 --( AB BIOINNOVATIONS, Inc. (AB BIO) is proud to announce that it has entered into a development, manufacturing and distribution agreement with LWI regarding the Lenus Smart Bandage.

Lenus Smart Bandage are the first practical smart bandages in the world today. The suite of products will include wound dressings for both the OTC market and the Professional Market.

AB BIO technology is the genius that powers Lenus Smart Bandages.

The LSB products do 3 things that no other wound dressing in the world can boast:

1. The Wound Dressing turns color in the presence of an infection. The AB BIO compound impregnates the Wound Dressing has the unique ability to act as a color indicator of infection;

2. The AB BIO compound also immediately resolves the very infection (including antibiotic resistant bacteria, viruses and fungi) which its color indicator has detected;

3. The AB BIO compound also immediately resolves inflammation at the site thus suppressing pain, swelling and discomfort.

AB BIOINNOVATIONS, Inc. is the result of a lifetime of research and clinical work performed by Dr. Alena Butkevica, MD, DMD, Ph.D.

Lenus Smart Bandages should be available by September of 2020.

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