Neutrino Energy and Renewable Energy Decisions

HAMBURG, Germany, June 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- While Fossil fuels pose serious dangers to the future of human civilization, the Neutrino Energy Group proposes safe, clean solutions to the modern energy crisis that will help humanity take genuine leaps forward in development.

The discussion over fossil fuels has led to many great innovations. Solar cells, wind turbines, and even geothermal energy serve as viable, reliable alternatives to digging up "dinosaur guts" and using them to fuel the global economy. Burning biomass like in California, however, is one of the most misguided reactions to the modern energy crisis yet to be concocted.

Proponents of biomass say that this energy source is sustainable because it comes from trees, which are a renewable resource. It's clearly not sustainable, however, to continue ladening the atmosphere with carbon dioxide. Cutting carbon emissions is, after all, the sworn goal of practically every environmentalist in the world.

To make our way toward a truly sustainable future, we must cut carbon emissions in every form. Simply switching from one form of carbon-producing fuel to another will do nothing but continue to line the pocketbooks of special interests that don't truly care about the environment or the future of humanity at all.

A Bright Future with the Neutrino Energy Group

Neutrino power does not produce any carbon whatsoever. Like solar and wind power, harnessing the kinetic energy of neutrinos and transforming it into usable electricity does not produce any waste. The substances used to create neutrino power devices are even more sustainable and recyclable than the components of solar cells and wind turbines.

The main issue with solar power is that it is inconsistent. Solar cells only operate at peak efficiency when exposed to direct sunlight, and they do not produce any power whatsoever at night. With neutrino-based power systems in place, solar energy could simply supplement the constant energy flow that neutrinos provide at times when peak solar cell efficiency is possible.

In 2015, scientists discovered that neutrinos have mass, which means these ubiquitous particles can be used to generate energy. Laboratory experiments have already proven neutrino-based energy to be viable, and it's only a matter of time until this technology reaches the consumer sphere.

Neutrino energy offers a variety of improvements to existing renewable energy technologies. For instance, neutrino-based energy generation systems operate ceaselessly since neutrinos can pass through almost every material known to man. From there, appliances, cars, and even entire households will be capable of running on this form of decentralized, ubiquitous power that puts other traditional energy options to shame.

At the Neutrino Energy Group, founder Holger Thorsten Schubart and his international team of pioneering energy scientists are committed to a future that is both sustainable and clean. Technologies like neutrino energy allow the world to take a giant leap into a future of freedom.

Author: David Jackson

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Neutrino Energy and Renewable Energy Decisions
Neutrino Energy and Renewable Energy Decisions

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