Amidst COVID-19 Finding Humanity podcast launches with a global agenda to educate and inspire action on critical social issues


In the midst of a crucial time in our history Finding Humanity podcast, launches with a big global agenda: taking listeners into the heart of the most complex social and political issues facing our world and inspiring a collective sense of responsibility and action. The Finding Humanity podcast avoids the typical approach to global affairs and instead encourages dialogue, empathetic leadership and collective action — words that are not often used in today's tense political discourse.


In the midst of a crucial time in our history "Finding Humanity", a new podcast, launches with a big global agenda: taking listeners into the heart of the most complex social and political issues facing our world and inspiring a collective sense of responsibility and action.

The Finding Humanity podcast avoids the typical approach to global affairs and instead encourages dialogue, empathetic leadership and collective action — words that are not often used in today's tense political discourse.

"The Finding Humanity podcast comes at a time when dialogue is more important than ever. In addressing complex, multi-faceted issues by revealing the human face behind the statistics, the Finding Humanity podcast encourages critical conversations. It asks; how can we learn from the past to address the challenges of today and tomorrow? How do we put peace, justice and human rights at the heart of decision-making in these troubled times?" said President Mary Robinson, former President of Ireland and Chair of The Elders.

Finding Humanity is a joint production of the Humanity Lab Foundation and Hueman Group Media. The inaugural season is launched with collaborating partner, The Elders. The 30-minute, docu-style podcast takes listeners on a journey of hope, inspiration and possibility. Featured speakers include former heads of state, Nobel Peace Prize winners and nominees, award-winning youth activists, and other notable leaders.

Through real-life stories of courage and purpose, the Finding Humanity podcast puts a human face on a global topic that is overwhelming and difficult to grasp — be it the refugee crisis, climate change, or LGBTQ+ discrimination, genocide , gender inequity, and extreme poverty. Each episode weaves insights from human rights and development experts at the United Nations and leading global institutions including Human Rights Watch, Conservation International, Harvard University, Yale University and more.

By bringing the audience voices from the front lines of war and injustice, the Finding Humanity podcast helps make relatable the issues that many people only hear about in the media. "Our goal is to peel back the layers that surround today's massive challenges," explained Hazami Barmada, Founder of the Humanity Lab Foundation and host of the Finding Humanity podcast. "Many of the issues we discuss in our podcast are sticky, complex and at times controversial, however, through storytelling, stories of people grappling with injustice and pain can create a space for learning, healing and action. We need spaces for real conversation on how to make progress on topics that impact billions of lives and create lingering pain."

Intended to build on the success of the Sustainable Development Goals, which drew on the voices of millions of people prior to their adoption in 2015, the podcast aims to provide tangible ways for listeners to take action on issues impacting their communities to help achieve the 17 goals, which present a roadmap to achieving a better and more sustainable future.

The podcast launches at a time where people are looking for hope and direction amidst the uncertainty and economic toll of COVID-19. "Covid-19 has brought forth some of the toughest challenges we have ever faced – as individuals, as nations, as a world. From the immediate threats to life and livelihoods, to the wider consequences for sustainable development, human rights and the fight against poverty. But in facing those threats, we are also seeing tremendous empathy, solidarity and personal sacrifice," said President Robinson. "The Elders are proud to collaborate with the Finding Humanity podcast to explore these vital questions. World leaders, policy makers, civil society groups and all those seeking to shape a fairer world have an opportunity to take decisions that will help us build a better world together. The Finding Humanity podcast is all about how we make those decisions," she said.

The podcast addresses past and present wars, climate and economic related issues, and growing social inequality, the first season of Finding Humanity will include a total of 13 episodes, all of which are timely in light of the political and social tensions surrounding COVID-19.

"With the COVID-19 pandemic dramatically impacting our lives — including any progress we've made in addressing vital social issues — our podcast brings to the forefront personal stories that will not only challenge our thinking, but inspire hope in our shared humanity," said Camille Laurente, CEO of Hueman Group Media. "At Hueman Group Media, core to our mission is activating positive social change through audacious and powerful storytelling. Our show Finding Humanity capitalizes on podcasting to intellectually provoke and emotionally connect with listeners all around the world."


Season 1 speaker line up includes:
Mary Robinson, former President of Ireland; former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights; Chair of The Elders
Prince Zeid Raad Al Hussein, former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights
President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, former President of Liberia and Africa's first elected female head of state; Nobel Peace Laureate
President Juan Manuel Santos, former President of Colombia; Nobel Peace Laureate
Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland, first woman Prime Minister of Norway; former Director-General of the World Health Organization
Victor Ochen - Nobel Peace Prize Nominee, Founder and Executive Director for African Youth Initiative Network (AYINET), UN Goodwill Ambassador for Peace and Justice
Loung Ung - Author, Activist, Spokeswoman for the Campaign for a Landmine-Free World
Nujeen Mustafa - Disability and Refugee Rights Activist and Speaker, BBC's 100 Women 2018
Abby Stein - Award-winning transgender rabbi, activist, speaker, and author
Chernor Bah - Global girls activist and member of the Global Partnership for Education
Roya Mohboob - Serial entrepreneur, CEO and President of Digital Citizen Fund
Mokhtar Alkhanshali - Entrepreneur, Founder & CEO of Port of Mokha
Sara Mardini - Elite Swimmer and Refugee Advocate, Time 100 Next List 2019
Marinel Ubaldo - Youth Climate Activist, Founder of Youth Leaders for Environmental Action Federation

The Finding Humanity podcast launched globally on 11 May 2020 on all major podcast channels and can be found on

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About Humanity Lab Foundation
The Humanity Lab Foundation is an innovative non-profit organization that harnesses the power of empathy and people to drive social change. The Humanity Lab works to realize the untapped capacity and passion of every-day people to be partners in solving complex global issues. Through the 3 pillars of it's work (Engage, Educate, Inspire), the Humanity Lab aims to disrupt the status quo in global development to catalyze sustainable change. By leveraging technology, in partnership with the United Nations Office for Partnerships and with support from the Office of the President of the United Nations General Assembly, in 2017 the Humanity Lab hosted the first ever virtual Summit during the United Nations General Assembly (Global People's Summit) with the mission of "democratizing access to conversations that shape the world" with a digital reach of over 84+ million in 164 countries.

About Hueman Group Media
Hueman Group Media ("HGM") is an award-winning podcast company for social change. HGM produces impactful and high-caliber podcasts for leading nonprofit organizations, purpose-driven companies and thought leaders, amplifying conversations around today's most important causes and issues — including gender inequality, climate change and mental health. HGM podcasts cater to diverse, socially conscious and deeply curious audiences. With the power of storytelling and riveting conversations, HGM activates listeners to take action and make a positive impact in their communities.

About The Elders
Founded by Nelson Mandela, The Elders are an independent group of global leaders working together for peace, justice and human rights.

About Host
Hazami Barmada is a thought-leader, seasoned global strategy consultant, social innovator, and international public speaker recognized in Forbes as an "inspirational change agent." She advises governments, businesses and organizations on design and implementation of effective social impact strategy, public-private partnerships, public affairs strategy, and leadership development needed to better tackle challenges, identify opportunities for sustainable impact, and develop the agility to thrive in today's complex and rapidly changing climate. Prior to founding the Humanity Lab Foundation, she held several positions at the United Nations, including the Coordinator for the United Nations Secretary General's World Humanitarian Summit, global engagement and communications head for the UN Secretary-General's Envoy on Youth, and innovation advisor to United Nations Human Settlements Programme. Hazami has a Masters in Public Administration from Harvard University where she was a Fellow in Public Policy and Management at The Harvard Kennedy School of Government, and is a Presidential Leadership Scholar. How This Woman Is Mobilizing Millions Of Global Change Makers

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