itSpray, Spray Supplements, Offers a Unique Alternative to Traditional Supplements, Delivered Right to Your Doorstep

LARGO, Fla., April 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- itSpray offers a growing line of spray supplements that use a unique sublingual delivery system – making them more effective than traditional pills, powders, and gummies.

Nitroglycerin, used to treat angina (chest pain) is carried by most with coronary artery disease. Why? Because placed under the tongue, it works immediately. itSpray parlayed this logic with their sublingual spray supplements. 

  • Spray delivery is absorbed into the bloodstream with in 30 seconds.
  • Traditional vitamins travel through the digestive system, taking 45-60 minutes to take effect.
  • 46% of the population is unable to swallow pills.
  • A sublingual approach allows the body to absorb 85-95% of provided nutrients.
  • Traditional supplements average 20% absorption, due to the use of fillers and binders.

itSpray is non-gmo, gluten-free, sugar-free, and vegan. Currently they offer: 

BOOSTit supports immune health.
CHARGEit provides natural sustained energy.
DREAMit delivers anti-anxiety and sleep support.

"We recently sent a care package to a traveling nurse and her team serving on the front line, we got a message that confirms we are growing a brand that consumers need and love," said Kimberly Stiele, Founder of itSpray.

"First, I am a 2.5 year post bariatric surgery patient, the ease and convenience of these vitamins is a no brainer. I wish I'd had these all along! As a nurse working 12-hour night shifts, BOOSTit gives me the vitamins I need to help my immune system. CHARGEit gives me the extra energy I need to make it through those long shifts, without having to load up on coffee, tea or soda, and DREAMit helps me sleep without feeling hung over when I wake up. This line is perfect, a few sprays and done - without having to swallow a bunch of pills. AND, they taste good. What could be better?"  Laura, Registered Travel Nurse

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About itSpray

Founded in 2018 by Kimberly Stiele, a mother of two and a tenured CPG executive, our company's mission is to provide cutting edge alternatives for better health that outperform traditional pills, powders, and gummies.

We offer oral spray vitamins that support your immunity, charge your energy, and help you sleep.

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