Automax Recruiting & Training Partners with PermaSafe to Bring a Long-Term Antimicrobial Solution to the Auto Industry

MAYS LANDING, N.J., April 17, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Automax Recruiting and Training announced a partnership with PermaSafe Protective Coatings. PermaSafe is an easy to install antimicrobial protection system that not only kills 99.999% of harmful bacteria and viruses, but also provides continuous antimicrobial protection that can last and remain effective for months or more.

"This changes everything," says Craig Lockerd, CEO and founder of Automax Recruiting and Training. "In today's climate, it's more important than ever that we pay attention to how viruses and other pathogens are spread. In the auto industry, we owe it to our customers to ensure that we do our part to help keep them safe. That doesn't mean we have to use dangerous chemicals to get the job done. PermaSafe's unique long-term antimicrobial surface protectant permanently bonds to treated surfaces and provides long-term, chemical-free protection."

Features and benefits of the PermaSafe System include:

  •     Kills 99.999% of Bacteria and Viruses
  •     Destroys Mold & Mildew and Prevents its Regrowth
  •     Makes Treated Surfaces Antimicrobial and Virtually "Self-Sanitizing"
  •     Patented Electro-Mechanical Process Kills Microbes without Harmful Chemicals
  •     Can Last and Remain Antimicrobially Effective for Months or More
  •     Won't Wash off, Wear out, or Migrate and isn't Consumed by Microorganisms
  •     FDA and EPA Registered Products

"We entered into this partnership," Craig Lockerd continues, "because the protection that PermaSafe offers fit perfectly into the Automax main core value of putting people first. When Troy Spring of Dealer World first brought PermaSafe to my attention I was intrigued, after researching the science I knew that I had to get involved."

PermaSafe can be applied to any virtually any surface; inside automobiles as well as in the customer-facing areas of a car dealership. Dealerships across the country are currently applying alcohol, methanol and other hazardous chemical-based products that must be applied multiple times a day to remain effective, putting both their customers and employees at risk. The PermaSafe system is free of hazardous chemicals and provides extended antimicrobial protection.

The partnership between Automax Recruiting & Training and PermaSafe Protective Coatings allows Automax to distribute PermaSafe products to auto dealers all across the country. With the reach of Automax, this would make them the largest distributor of PermaSafe in the US.

PermaSafe is available for immediate shipment and can be applied to most vehicles in about 15 minutes. For more information on PermaSafe, visit

About Automax Recruiting and Training: Automax is the largest automotive and RV recruitment firm in North America with over 17,500 hiring campaigns and 160,000 dealership personnel placed.

About PermaSafe: PermaSafe Clean Step 1 is on the EPA List N under the product name Vital Oxide with the registration number, 82972-1. Search for it here:

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