Demand for Affordable Emergency One-to-One Childcare for America's Essential Workforce Answered by Expert Childcare Consortium

LOS ANGELES, April 9, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- America's essential workforce is facing an urgent and unprecedented need for childcare that allows them to work while also keeping their family as safe as possible during the coronavirus pandemic. A collective of women-owned small businesses from across the country in the childcare staffing industry now offers safe, custom, cost-efficient childcare solutions to employers and parents in 20 major U.S. markets.

The consortium's "One to One" campaign provides essential in-home childcare for America's workforce while minimizing the risk of infections for families. One consistent caregiver is paired with one family on a regular schedule, to create the safest solution possible under the circumstances. The companies will work directly with employers to offer affordable backup care, without excessive markups and management fees, as a "give back" to the community.

With an estimated 49 to 62 million essential workers still reporting to work each day to perform the vital services communities rely on, and over 55 million K-12 students now at home due to school and daycare closures, essential employees must first ensure their own children are being cared for. The situation leaves critical industry leaders scrambling to provide these resources for their employees. For many essential workers, employer childcare benefits are running out or are not currently offered.

"COVID-19 has created an urgent and unprecedented need for short-term, heavily vetted, in-home childcare providers," said Stacie Steelman, CEO and Founder of Crunch Care, a consortium member based in California. "Parents need a safe, quality, affordable solution that decreases possible exposure to coronavirus. 'One to One' can help ease employee anxiety around childcare and serve as a partner to a wide range of businesses during this turbulent time."

The "One to One" industry professionals, all mothers, have decades of combined experience providing corporate-sponsored backup childcare to Fortune 500 companies. "One to One" services are currently offered through these consortium members in the following markets:

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