Ukrainian-American singer Yevae talks about her intriguing new song "Rake"

With the release of her new single “Rake”, the Ukrainian-American singer Yevae has established that her music is as unique as her name. Born and raised in Ukraine, the artist moved to the United States in her 20’s, where she built a career in the tech industry while following her passion for music on the side. Her latest single “Rake”, has a mysterious, and intriguing vibe, pulsating with energy and sensuality with slight obscurities that make you dive deep into the song. Yevae’s mesmerizing vocals, accompanied by catchy rhythms and beats pave way for an engaging listening experience.

Interviewer: Who inspired you to create music?

Yevae: Well as my parents told me I was a rather calm and quiet kid, but always danced and screamed at the songs in my crib. I remember the first time I started consciously singing when I heard Whitney Houston “I will always love you” – I fell in love with this song and started singing it even though at that time I didn’t know English at all. My dad is a self-taught musician who could play any instrument by ear without knowing notes or music grammar, noticed that I have the voice and took me to the music school. I always wanted to create something of my own – I heard melodies and songs within me, but I was too young and didn’t have anything to tell. I started writing poems when I was 12 and finally realized last year that this is what I want – I want to create and sing my songs. The realization happened when my dad passed away. I simply reevaluated all my life and my passion that I was trying to suppress and hide because I was always thinking I was not good enough.

Interviewer: Tell us a little more about your journey so far.

Yevae: I was born and raised in Ukraine, had a very happy childhood, went to school, universities, had my career started, then under some unforeseeable circumstances was lucky to move to the USA, started from scratch after my first year in the country – immigration was not fun for me, made a career in the tech industry, and now after understanding that I can’t live without music and creativity and as I have a lot of messages to send out there, I am working on my songs in tandem with a great composer and music producer.

Interviewer: Tell us more about your latest single “Rake”?

Yevae: The lyrics were written as a joke – I was on the call with my new friend I was just introduced recently at that time to her and we were getting to know each other. And as girls do, we started talking about our love lives which were kind of the same bad as if we are stepping on the Rake and it hits us over and over again. And laughingly the beginning of the song started. So yeah, Rake is the metaphor of the same mistakes, the same kind of relationships, same kind of people we are getting together with to face the same challenges and at some particular moment we are already in the mode of accepting this reality and simply playingly living it. 

Interviewer: Describe your creative process for writing and creating music?

Yevae: I write lyrics, review them with my music producer and the magic begins. We give all the creative space possible and see where the flow takes us.

Interviewer: Who are the artists that inspire you the most?

Yevae: I am listening to everything I get my ears on. I usually start browsing on the new stuff, unknown artists in all genres and then I always come back to Big Mama Thornton, Etta James, Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse, Beth Hart, Adele, Lara Fabian, Andrea Bocelli, Infected Mushroom, System of a Down, LP, Demi Lovato, Billie Eilish and many more. They all inspire me so much – with their personal stories, with their vocal techniques, songs, their stage performances.

Interviewer: If your music had a message, what would it be?

Yevae: A couple of messages really: life is beautiful no matter what; you have to learn how to laugh at your mistakes. Your feelings, your emotions, your desires, your passions matter a lot; you are a beautiful creature with all your experiences and your bleeding wounds. Life is just a millisecond on the universal timeline – don’t be afraid to live with your naked soul.

With my music,

I want to welcome you to my journey;
Into the world where you’re loved, accepted, cherished, heard and pleased;
I want you to know me on levels deeper than my degrees, my achievements, my failures, my stories, and my beliefs;
All that and much more made me who I am today –
To bring you joy, love, happiness, and desire to breathe…
Simple things do not come easy or seem simple to me;
I have spent so much time thinking what words to use or what phrase to start with;
But they all sound pathetic, overused, even shallow…
To me at least.
When I hear the sounds of life – 
Be it a nightingale, folk, rain or jazz;
Be it people speaking different tongues or accents;
Be it silent pauses filled with meaning;
Be it a sudden meeting of the eyes, behind which a secret love has been blooming… at last;
All that and much more makes me paint my world with the words and chords,

I hope that they make you feel better, and inspire your inner songs…

Interviewer: What other projects are you currently working on?

Yevae: On some projects for social impact, I am not ready to release this information yet, so stay tuned.

Listen to Yevae’s new single “Rake” through this LINK.

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