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SplendidFans Wants to Make Testing Ceiling Fans a Lucrative Career

SplendidFans Wants to Make Testing Ceiling Fans a Lucrative Career
The COVID-19 global pandemic means that you could be in lockdown with nothing better to do than stare at your fan. Incidentally, it could now become a possible career for some.

Most people today find themselves cooped up in an apartment, with nothing better to do than look up at their fans. Sure, the current economic climate is frustrating, especially for those who are watching their livelihood slipping away with each passing week. Fortunately, wants to give people the opportunity to do something lucrative, like reviewing and testing ceiling fans.

Testing ceiling fans do not require going outside, and by the looks of it, the company is offering a pretty good deal all things considered. The leading ceiling fan review site is looking for people who are willing and able to install a ceiling fan in their home for test purposes. Participants will be required to analyze, test, and play around with the fans, after which they pen their experience in the form of a review.

The company plans on shipping ceiling fans each week to reviewers, who will install and test these fans for review purposes. The company said those participating would receive compensation, depending on the quality of the review and the experience of the reviewer.

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“Who knows how long this COVID-19 virus is going to keep us inside, so why not use this time with the possibility of making some money. If this sounds something you can handle and you have nothing better to do while you are inside, then apply today! If anything, most people will end up learning a thing or two about fans,” said the spokesperson for the

The spokesperson also outlined the requirements of the participants by saying –

Requirements? All you need to know is:

1) read the ceiling fan’s instructions so you can install and use the fan properly.

2) can write reviews in the English language.

The task, according to the company, does not require any experience, so not requiring expertise means that it is an excellent opportunity for people cooped up in the home to do something interesting. Those interested in reviewing ceiling fans can fill out the form at the company’s official website

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