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OnTheClock Makes It Faster and Easier for Accountants to Access Time Data for Payroll


CLINTON TOWNSHIP, Mich., Nov. 12, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Recently OnTheClock released a new feature in its employee time clock system that allows accountants and payroll providers to request and gain access to their client's accounts through the OnTheClock system to improve payroll via email invite. Accountants will now have the convenience to access multiple linked accounts under their own main account without having to sign into each one separately. This option is listed under the 'Settings' then clicking 'Account Information' and finally 'Linked Accounts'.

Not only is this new feature available for accountants and payroll providers, but current users of the time clock software company can also send emails to their payroll personnel to invite them to join OnTheClock. This option is called Invite My Accountant, which is located inside the 'Time Clock Settings' tab under 'Payroll Providers'.

"The idea is to provide all business owners, accountants and payroll providers a solution to link their time clock accounts together and streamline time card processing so everyone is being paid accurately and businesses are staying within their payroll budgets," said an OnTheClock spokesperson.

OnTheClock offers free accounts to accounting firms, bookkeepers, payroll companies, and business consultants. This free option allows the accountant to gain access to a robust time clock system without worrying about any additional expenses. The only entity responsible for paying for their time clock services are those who are linked inside the accountant's and payroll provider's account.

For example, if an accountant has an OnTheClock account and they have ten companies or clients linked to that account, then those individual companies are responsible for the time clock system costs. For convenience purposes, the accountant does have the option to pay for their client's time clock accounts every month and roll that amount into their client's billing to be compensated back. This option is completed by selecting the 'Changed Billed Accounts' under 'Linked Accounts.'

Some benefits that business owners, payroll providers, and accountants will experience include:

  • An Administrator can conveniently have access to multiple linked accounts.
  • Allows accountants to efficiently process time cards for payroll.
  • Increase payroll accuracy.
  • Employees are paid on time.
  • Reduce the time it takes to run payroll.

Please visit OnTheClock to sign up or learn more by contacting them via email at or call 888-753-5999.



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