Crypto startup aims to to launch cryptocurrency network that will power space commerce

GrounderCoin is a blockchain cryptocurrency project which will try to launch the world's first interplanetary cryptocurrency with its patent-pending network design called the GrounderCoin Network – which takes it a step further and merges a carefully planned hardware network with the blockchain network.

November 25, 2019 – The coming year will usher in a new dawn in the crypto world. The potentially FIRST-ever interplanetary cryptocurrency is about to launch its public sale in 2020. GrounderCoin, the ambitious coin is driven by the mission to empower space commerce of the future.

GrounderCoin’s public sale is scheduled to start from January 31, 2020. The ICO softcap is $25,000,000.

“We’re something different and in between. For a company launching a blockchain cryptocurrency network, we are putting a huge focus into planning how we grow and expand the network’s physical reach. This is a little off putting for those into cryptocurrency and its decentralized mindset. We are also putting the spotlight on our fund allocations for launching hardware into space, which means we have to be taken seriously by members of other industries as well. Our goals are uniquely challenging as we meld several engineering disciplines and multiple industries to create the GrounderCoin Network. We are always welcoming people to become founders and members of the project”, stated Christopher DeBon, the Founder and President of the GrounderCoin Company

As per the statements of Mr. DeBon, humanity is aspiring to enter and settle in space. And space colonization will lead to mining and resource extraction. His belief that Earth houses a finite volume of resource, and the way humans are pulling out the resources now, the planet is going to run out of them eventually. Thus, the obvious next step left for mankind would be mining and colonizing of other celestial bodies to send back to Earth or use where it’s extracted. This is where the GrounderCoin Network comes to help. The company is hopeful to extend world-class financial services as well as technology to the space industry when the industry will reach the mining and colonization phase in the near future.

A major factor that separates the GrounderCoin blockchain network from regular cryptocurrencies is its unique “Hybrid” infrastructure. The GounderCoin infrastructure is an exclusive combination of decentralized blockchain network and hardware that will be operated and owned by the GrounderCoin Company, and the entire GrounerCoin Network will be erected to connect two or more celestial objects over a long distance. This innovative network is both software and hardware intensive- thus the term “hybrid”. The hybrid structure will also facilitate speedy transactions and transfers.

Speaking further, Mr. DeBon stressed on the concept of “Tokenization”. Blockchain cryptocurrencies that extend smart contract features like tokenization enable organizations and individuals to tokenize assets as well as other financial tools and instruments. These assets are traded on exchanges as per the classic principles of supply and demand. A commodity exchange could be erected (after thorough vetting) to launch a marketplace especially for a group of colonial entities to foster trade among them.

“Tokenization is a big point in the GrounderCoin blockchain network. Tokenization enables companies and individuals to tokenize financial instruments and assets. It would come up as an extremely powerful and frequently used method for trade and exchange of commodities and exchanges in the cradle days of space colonization. Companies will have the power to issue or create their tokens stapled to resources, trade them on exchanges, issue fiat-powered stablecoins and also launch more conventional ICOs and security token offerings. Put simply, tokenization will ensure an enhanced level of liquidity to a canvas market”, added in Mr. DeBon.

GrounderCoin will allow easy asset tokenization for transactions throughout space, creating financial infrastructure for space commerce. The revolutionary coin envisions to be the tip of the spear in the race for space commerce and trade.

Much to the pleasure of interested businesses looking to make an early grab or potential consumers and investors, GrounderCoin is offering token reservation. This particular offering will be extended to qualifying organizations and enterprises that aspire to have full ownership of the token on the date of its official network launch.

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