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Jennifer Le Blanc's newly released "Patient Endurance: 365 Days of Spiritual Motivation" is an inspiring read on discovering one's purpose in God during trying times.


MEADVILLE, Pa., Oct. 18, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- "Patient Endurance: 365 Days of Spiritual Motivation": an enlightening account that allows readers to fully realize their God-given goals in life despite the struggles they may face. "Patient Endurance: 365 Days of Spiritual Motivation" is the creation of published author Jennifer Le Blanc, a passionate writer with a heart for public health which allowed her to apply her learnings for fighting infectious diseases and fighting human trafficking, as well as in epidemiology and disaster preparedness.

Le Blanc shares, "Sometimes we think we have it all planned out. We have a goal that we have set for ourselves and have established the path needed to reach that goal. Unfortunately, life does not always seem to cooperate with those plans. In these times, we may become confused, frustrated, upset, and seemingly hopeless. We may ask God why he has allowed a hardship or great devastation to take place in our lives. The answer to why this situation is happening may come in any length of time. For some, the reason may come quickly. For others, the answer may not come for years to follow. Nevertheless, we must remain patient for his answer and continue to press on through each trial. We must do this not only to grow in our own trust in God but also to show others the power of faith and God's miracles. Through each trial you face, you are given the opportunity to have a stronger relationship with Christ. When you endure through those trials, you become a living testimony for God's grace. You become a source of hope and inspiration to others going through their own trials. Take each battle one day at a time. It is not always easy, and at times, you may stray off course; but you will likely discover a greater purpose for your time here on earth while you patiently endure."

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Jennifer Le Blanc's new book imparts the significance of forming a strong bond with the Lord to open a path for his blessing to invigorate the soul and achieve the epitome of his will.

This book is a daily devotional dedicated to the reader's enlightenment in their walk of faith.

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Consumers can purchase"Patient Endurance: 365 Days of Spiritual Motivation" at traditional brick-and-mortar bookstores or online at, Apple iTunes store, or Barnes and Noble.

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