9/11 Memorial Defacement Shows that Anything in Public is Vulnerable, but 24/7 Security is an Excellent Deterrent, says United Protective Services

DENVER, Sept. 30, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- A September 12 article on Mass Live reported on the vandalism of a September 11th memorial in Springfield, Massachusetts. The suspect, who is homeless, allegedly scribbled conspiracy-related remarks on the memorial and was caught later on in the week. United Protective Services LLC says that vandalism is a constant concern for all kinds of structures, but having security that can deal with a multitude of threats is the best way to ensure that both property and people are undisturbed.

United Protective Services adds that deterrence is the key to security in most cases. The firm notes that vandalism and theft are among the most common petty crimes committed and would-be bad actors are always on the lookout for properties that are easy to target. Construction sites are among the most likely targets for career criminals even more than the usual troublemakers. This is because expensive equipment and materials are often vulnerable without workers present at all times, the company adds. United Protective Services says that by hiring visible round-the-clock security, there are no gaps where expensive equipment or materials are left unprotected and potentially available to thieves and mischief-makers.

The company also notes that while it is rare for violent incidents to occur, they do happen, and forewarned is forearmed. The security firm notes that well-trained security guards always keep a watchful eye out for would-be violent offenders and more importantly, are trained in how to deescalate situations.

United Protective Services is quick to point out that human threats are not the only dangers that one's property may face. The security firm notes that fires are a constant hazard to be on the lookout for, especially at construction sites or businesses that deal with hazardous chemicals or materials. Having a security team that is also trained in fire watch can keep two problems under management at once and prevent the need for two separate 24/7-hour services. Fires not only jeopardize lives but can significantly damage property, potentially causing serious delays in business operations or construction progress – both of which can be disastrous in terms of cost.

The security firm notes that between fires, violent offenders, and petty thieves or vandals all make up a legitimate threat to any business or residence. As such, having expert security on hand to combat these dangers to lives and property can help property owners rest easy every day of the year.

United Protective Services is committed to helping its clients efficiently secure residential and business properties. For more information on all of its services, including event security and courtesy fire watch patrols, readers can visit its website at https://www.unitedprotectiveservicesllc.com/ or call (720) 900-9101 to speak with a representative. United Protective Services offers 24/7 security 365 days a year, including holidays, to safeguard assets and lives from a variety of threats.

SOURCE United Protective Services LLC

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