Potential Link Between Cognitive Decline and Tooth Ailments Highlights Need for Good Dental Hygiene, says Santa Clarita Valley Dental Care

SANTA CLARITA, Calif., Sept. 30, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- A September 14 article on Medical News Today reports on a study that shows that poor oral health and dental hygiene may have a long-term adverse effect on brain function, including decreasing memory performance and executive function in older individuals. While the study only focused on patients over the age of 60 from a specific demographic, suggesting, however unlikely, that it's possible other factors could be at play as well. However, due to an overabundance of evidence suggesting that oral health plays a role in other ailments, such as stroke, it seems likely that further studies on broader samples will continue to support the researchers' findings. Dental clinic Santa Clarita Valley Dental Care says that the findings are not too surprising, citing the same abundance of evidence suggesting that poor dental hygiene does not only put the health of the teeth and gums in jeopardy but an individual's entire body.

The clinic says that dentists and patients have already known for some time that poor dental health, usually due to lifelong poor dental hygiene habits, can lead to serious systemic health problems. The clinic adds that heart disease, stroke, and serious infections are only a few of the many consequences that one risks when they do properly care for their teeth. As such, adding cognitive decline to the list only bolsters the argument for the importance of good oral health.

Santa Clarita Valley Dental Care notes that patients who practice proper dental hygiene techniques, such as brushing for two minutes at least 15 to 30 minutes after every meal, can minimize the risk of developing dangerous comorbidities in addition to limiting the risk for painful and serious concerns such as tooth loss or tooth decay, infection, jaw bone loss, and more. The clinic says that patients should regularly visit their dentist for routine care even if they take good care of their teeth. Regular check-ups and cleanings are needed even for the true oral hygiene enthusiasts among us.

The clinic also notes that patients should not put off dental appointments if they think their concerns are minor either. Serious conditions involving tooth decay or loss may start out as only minor discomfort before developing into painful, unsightly, and potentially dangerous conditions—and often such conditions progress rapidly, the clinic adds. For this reason, Santa Clarita Valley Dental Care encourages patients to visit their dentist at the first sign of a problem and not wait until it becomes an emergency.

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SOURCE Santa Clarita Valley Dental Care

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