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76% of Consumers Are More Likely to Choose a Retailer Offering Cross-Channel Pricing/Promotions Consistency, According to New BRP Report


BOSTON, Sept. 18, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Today's channel transparency makes retailing more difficult as brands can no longer differentiate on just product or price. A personalized customer experience and visibility to real-time inventory data are key differentiators for a brand and what drives customer loyalty. Successful retailers develop a comprehensive customer journey map to identify all of the touch points and influence points in a customer's journey with a focus on the key moments of truth or decision points. With a keen understanding of the ideal customer journey for their brand, retailers can design their systems and processes to support a customer experience that is seamless and frictionless.

"Many retailers have started down the path to unified commerce by offering services that emulate the holistic shopping environment that the customer expects," said Jeffrey Neville, senior vice president at BRP. "However, in many cases, the process to offer customers a seamless experience is still manual and involves complex integration across multiple systems and processes that don't work in real time."

Many retailers are finding it much harder than they thought to implement unified commerce capabilities. As a result, many retailers are still running a "faux omni-channel" environment even though consumers have indicated that a holistic, unified shopping experience is expected. Retailers are making progress, as 86% have implemented consistent pricing/promotions across channels; however, half of these implementations need improvement.

Retailers may have the ability to access some of the necessary information to personalize the customer experience, but being able to do it operationally and effectively during interaction with the customer is not convenient or efficient. This environment sets the stage for retailers to adopt a single commerce platform.

According to BRP's SPECIAL REPORT: The Need for Unified Commerce, retailers indicate the following are the top unified commerce priorities to enhance the customer experience:

  • Create a consistent brand experience across channels (59%)
  • Improve the online experience (52%)
  • Improve personalization (45%)
  • Improve the mobile shopping experience (41%)

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