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New and Innovative Educational Programs at Universities are featured on "Behind The Scenes" with Laurence Fishburne


MIAMI, Sept. 12, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- In an upcoming episode of Behind the Scenes with host Lawrence Fishburne, the program will take a look at some new and innovative programs that are taking place as universities across the country.

Colleges and Universities across the country are working to provide new and innovative educational programs that are designed to help students to truly become immersed in the content and to truly take the information in and use it. More and more, universities are working to create programs that work and help learners from all different paths, those students that may be non-traditional learners, and those students that need a bit more of a hands on approach. This segment will take a look at these programs, the minds behind them and the students that are participating in them to see just how they are changing college.

Viewers are invited to join host Lawrence Fishburne as the program features some of the educators that are behind these new programs that are making it possible for learners of all types to truly get the education they want and deserve. These programs are designed not only to help students, but also to challenge the classic design of college classes to create a new method of learning that is going to stay with students longer, that is going to be more hands on, and that is going to relate to more students than ever before.

To learn more about how the typical college landscape is changing and how new programs are making college more accessible than ever before to all students, consumers can watch the award winning educational program "Behind The Scenes"..


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