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Grizzly Custom Guns Announces Build-to-Order Marlin 1894 Semi-Auto Pistol Carbines Chambered in 10mm or .45 ACP and a Marlin 336 Chambered in .450 Bushmaster


COLUMBIA FALLS, Mont., Sept. 5, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Today, Grizzly Custom Guns, a leading Marlin Firearms custom rifle shop, announced three new custom-built Marlin lever-action conversion packages that include: a Marlin 1894 semi-auto pistol carbine chambered in either 10mm or .45 ACP, as well as a Marlin 336 centerfire rifle chambered in 450 Bushmaster. All custom rifles are built to customer specifications including any preferences on barrel length, threading, and brakes; metal and stock coatings, and parts/accessories.

While revolver cartridges are excellent, many modern shooters prefer a semi-automatic handgun. As such, we've decided to offer Marlin 1894 pistol caliber conversions in common semi-auto pistol calibers starting with the 10mm and .45 ACP. Originally developed by Ranger Point Precision (RPP), these pistol caliber carbines are light, handy and perfect for close range shooting, in addition to having some other real advantages: typically they recoil much less, hold more ammo, and are far quieter than high-power rifles.

The Marlin 10mm conversion starts with a customer-supplied Marlin 1894 .357 Mag rifle while the .45 ACP conversion utilizes either a Marlin 44 Mag or 45 Colt rifle. We start with a Douglas Barrels premium barrel that's been chambered in 10mm or .45 ACP, fitted, head spaced, bedded and sight dovetails cut. The Barrel and mag tube length is 16.5" which allows for 12+1 or 13+1 rounds. A trigger job results in a crisp 3# pull weight and the entire action is polished and tuned for 10mm or .45 ACP and includes both a short-stroke and a controlled-round feed conversion as well as an RPP M/94 Extractor Claw.

Originally developed by Ranger Point Precision in 2016, the Marlin .450 Bushmaster conversion was initially developed for customers in Michigan, Indiana or other states with strict rules requiring only straight walled cartridges be used for deer hunting.

The Marlin .450 BM conversions are done on a customer-supplied Marlin lever-action chambered in either .30-30, .35 Rem or 450M. We start with a Douglas Barrels premium barrel (cut to 15" - 21" length) that's been chambered in .450 BM fitted, head spaced, bedded and sight dovetails cut. A trigger job results in a crisp 3# pull weight and the entire action is polished and tuned handle the larger 450 BM cartridge. The rifle is range tested for smooth cycling and 3-5 Shot 1" MOA at 100 yds.

"We're thrilled that Grizzly Custom Guns will be offering these caliber conversions to the market," said Adam Devine, Ranger Point Precision. "Lew and his team are one of the most reputable in the custom Marlin lever-action space and I can't think of anyone better to pass the torch to."

"When I researched these caliber conversions from Ranger Point Precision (RPP), I found that the reviews were stellar and that there was tons of interest in them," said Lew Bonitz," CEO, Grizzly Custom Guns. "Now that we've built and gotten to test all of these conversions at the range, we understand exactly why there was so much excitement about them. We can't wait to build many more of these unique Marlin lever-actions."

About Grizzly Custom Guns
Grizzly Custom Guns LLC began in Columbia Falls, Montana in 2007 focused on restoring and building custom 1911's, bolt action rifles, shotguns and lever-action rifles. Since then, the company has become a leading Marlin Firearms custom shop, focused exclusively on building custom Marlin lever-action rifles. Grizzly prides itself on delivering unmatched quality and world-class customer service. To learn more, visit us on the web at or follow @grizzlycustomguns on Facebook and Instagram.


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