Study Reveals Solution for Range War Between Wild Horses and Cattle Ranchers

5-year study reveals new insights and cites a plan to end the land use war between livestock interests and wild horses while reducing wildfire and toxic smoke.

Yreka, CA, August 09, 2019 --( A recently completed 5-year intensive close-range observational study has unveiled new insights into wild horse behavioral ecology in the wilderness.

This groundbreaking study titled; "Impact Of Wild Horses On Wilderness Landscape And Wildfire - Preliminary Findings" (‘Study’) by naturalist-rancher William E. Simpson II dispels many existing, incorrect beliefs and unveils a factual understanding of wild horses and their natural, positive impact on wilderness and forest landscapes.

This Study is the first of its kind and unique in that is was conducted in a wilderness area that is virtually devoid of livestock operations, and therefore any impact on the landscape can only be attributed to wild horses. In other areas where comingled cattle and wild horses are in competition, determining damage to the landscape become a very difficult "who done it" mystery, which is vulnerable to partisan interpretation.

Many significant sacrifices were made in order to conduct this thorough Study, with its findings integrated into a user friendly document, instead of a presentation in Latin using scientific lexicon that only a select few people can understand.

It is time to abandon longstanding misinformed "flat earth" understandings of wild horse behavioral ecology and move forward enlightened with scientific fact. It is time for implementation of an intelligent management tool for our wilderness forest ecosystems and America's (Oregon's & California's) native species wild horses.

The results of this Study represent the condensed findings, supported by firefighters and scientists, derived from ~11,000+ hours of observations in the field at close range, thousands of photos, dozens and dozens of videos... eleven thousand hours of hard work in remote locations and under difficult conditions.

A recent natural history documentary film out of Colorado College titled "Fuel, Fire and Wild Horses" has been "Officially Selected" by the Aspen Mountain Film Festival. This film features Pulitzer Prize winner David Phillips and naturalist William E. Simpson II as it explores how wild horses can by managed in a manner that is both cost-effective and beneficial to all stakeholders.

As a result of information gained from the Study, along with other published supporting science by scientists, a revolutionary new management plan for wild horses has been published and offers a winning solution for all stakeholders. The plan is titled, "Natural Wildfire Abatement And Forest Protection Plan" (‘Plan’), also affectionately known as the "Wild Horse Fire Brigade" by some people.

The beneficiaries of the Plan include livestock enterprises, the timber industry, wilderness ecosystems and America’s native species wild horses and burros, all the while providing a reduction in both the frequency and intensity of catastrophic wildfire.

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