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Secured Gold Coin Pty Limited to Launch Secured Gold Coin, SGC Blockchain, and SGC PAY Revolutionizing the Crypto World Advocating Usability and Fair Market


MELBOURNE, Australia, Aug. 31, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Secured Gold Coin Pty Limited is pleased to announce the launch of its new projects namely SGC Blockchain - a brand new hybrid coin-based blockchain; Secured Gold Coin - a hybrid cryptocurrency, and SGC PAY - a mobile app platform for the usability of SGC Coins in conjunction with the existing fiat currencies.

About Secured Gold Coin

Secured Gold Coin Pty Limited is registered in Australia under ACN # 624 066 860. Secured Gold Coin cryptocurrency is a trademark of Secured Gold Coin Pty Limited which has been designed to empower people by providing stability, usability and security in the cryptocurrency market. Our strategic objective is to reform the global market by providing a decentralized cryptocurrency to everyday users globally. At the same time, our vision is to serve the global cryptocurrency community by promoting a fair market, free from manipulation and on the basis of actual demand and supply.

SGC Blockchain comes with its base currency - Secured Gold Coin, which is initially 60% gold-backed. SGC coin is based on revolutionary technology – a blockchain that makes it secure, durable, trustworthy, easily accessible, and redeemable. The claim of 60% gold-backing has been made possible with physical gold bullion stored in a secured vault at Gold Silver Central Pty Ltd, which is a highly trusted and reliable bullion storage and trading company based in Singapore and is also a member of the SBMA. The gold certificates will be updated at the end of every month, while the gold prices will be updated live-time in your wallet.

This gold will also be subject to contents insurance provided by Lloyd's of London, another trusted and reputable business, maintaining a high standard in the insurance domain. The contents insurance is applied to all gold bullion and covers the value of gold bullion in the event of theft, damage, or loss.

Secured Gold Coin provides several usability options to its users for the SGC Coins. Secured Gold Coin enables SGC PAY Debit Card integration with its wallet. This increases the usability of SGC coin, as the users can employ it for everyday transactions. SGC PAY is a mobile app platform to utilize SGC Coins by making top-ups to the SGC PAY Debit Cards. The SGC Coins once topped up to the SGC PAY Debit Cards, will now be available for use like in any other Debit Card. The users can utilize these for trade, both on-line and in-store transactions and ATM usage.

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Secured Gold Coin
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