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Surwon Technology Hails Samsung Graphene Smartphone Battery


HONG KONG, Aug. 23, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Hong Kong-based specialist and advanced materials innovator, Surwon Technology says lithium-ion's days as the go-to material used in batteries that power everything from smartphones and tablets to laptops and electric vehicles are numbered following news of a forthcoming smartphone from South Korean technology behemoth, Samsung that will feature a graphene battery.

According to a leaked report, the world's number one smartphone maker hopes to have a device with a graphene battery on sale "by 2020 or 2021".

The report suggests the battery can be charged up to 5 times faster than a lithium-ion equivalent while potentially allowing greater capacity but there were few concrete details available at the time of going to press. Bo Kung, Chief Technology Officer at Surwon Technology said, "In our own endeavors with graphene batteries, we too saw charging speeds of that magnitude so the numbers mooted sound very feasible," he added.

He cautioned, however, that the price of a device equipped with a graphene battery could prove prohibitively expensive. "It's the age-old issue with graphene; it comes down to the cost of production and, although we were able to achieve fantastic charging speeds with it, it soon became obvious that the cost of a single battery would add a significant amount of money to the price of a device so Surwon Technology is still trying to find a way to reduce that before making any announcements," added Kung.

Surwon Technology has had similar cost impediments manifest themselves this year. Its graphene-enhanced road tire project was shelved owing to the prohibitive costs of the compound.


SOURCE Surwon Technology

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