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Mediacast Holdings Raises Additional Capital to Invest in Chaé Organics


DENVER, Aug. 19, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Mediacast Holdings announced today they have come to an agreement with Chaé Organics to invest in the company. Mediacast recently closed a strategic round of capital for its holding company and has now closed another round announcing a strategic investment in Chaé and its family of companies. Chaé is the first cGMP and OTC (Over The Counter) Certified manufacturer to produce both oral and topical CBD products in the country. Chaé has expanded its private label business that includes some of the largest CBD Hemp brands in the world and continues to use its proprietary formulas to manufacture products for celebrities and strategic partners. Chaé CBD oils, skin care, lotions, pain relief and others are among the purest and most potent available on the market.

"After extensive due diligence and researching other CBD products, the Mediacast team was convinced that Chaé products represent the Gold Standard for quality, potency and purity. We are so proud to partner with Linda Chaé and Frank Maggio and having Chaé as the centerpiece of our CBD focus allows us to more aggressively pursue a larger investment and acquisition strategy. We have already leveraged Mediacast's Corporate Venture partnership with MMI, a 52 year old retail and private label product business, that provides Mediacast brands, like Chaé, direct access to the shelves of every retailer and pharmacy in North America as well as dozens of large private labeling opportunities to help Chaé secure longer term contracts with partners and to expand Chaé's proprietary portfolio of branded products," said Ken Venturi, CEO Mediacast Holdings.

One of Chaé's largest customers recently went head to head with a dozen other companies looking to slot their CBD products into a major Pharmacy Chain in the US. The companies' products were subjected to the most stringent tests for purity and potency thus far encountered. Chaé's partner was awarded the business by far exceeding the quality of the other hopefuls.

"We are so excited to have Mediacast as our partner because of the value the team brings to grow our business. We have attracted some of the best CBD formulators in the country to continue to refine our processes and products to ensure we remain a leader in setting quality standards for the industry. The CBD market has become the Wild West, so products companies need to do their due diligence before they select partners or ingredients; buyer beware," Linda Chaé, CEO Chaé Organics.

About Mediacast Holdings
Mediacast Holdings owns equity in and actively manages a portfolio of consumer facing businesses. Mediacast also creates and helps manage Venture Programs for family offices and Corporate Ventures Programs for businesses focused on Media, Advertising, Retail and Consumer Goods and Services. The Mediacast team has been involved in over $4 billion dollars of transactions and value creation.

About Chaé Organics
Chaé Organics is one of the most innovative manufacturers of efficacious, healthful formulas covering a wide range from baby care, pet, wound, skin care, anti-aging, and CBD Hemp products. For over 15 years, Chaé has provided clients with personalized, innovative products based on natural and organically derived ingredients backed by clinical studies and a broad range of test market performance validation. Each unique formula created undergoes intensive research and efficacy testing to ensure it meets exacting standards before being released for production. Results: Consistently providing clients with cutting edge, high-performance products that drive growth and generate repeat sales year after year from happy, satisfied customers.


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