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How Twitter Can Increase Sport's Brand Loyalty


NEW YORK, Aug. 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Sports and social media are two of the biggest industries in the world, but how can they combine their forces to help each other succeed? Twitter is a platform that sports fans run to, whether to find information on individual teams or players, view different opinions, or share their thoughts. This platform presents a huge opportunity for sports teams and players to increase their following and fan loyalty. Read on to find out how Twitter can increase a sport's brand loyalty.

As an athlete, team, or even a league, there are several ways to increase brand loyalty amongst fans. First, it is essential to understand that fans are extremely passionate groups of people and expect that their teams and athletes match that passion and intensity. Therefore, the most important rule for teams and athletes on Twitter to increase brand loyalty, as Carola Jain does for the Spartan Race, is to match that intensity and post frequently. There are two types of posts for sports teams, in-game posts and out of game posts. 

In-Game Posts
When it comes to in-game posts, it is important to post frequently to update fans that aren't watching in real-time. It is just as important to also engage with those who are actively tweeting about the game. Posting video highlights and important plays throughout the game is a great way to engage with fans. Cheering on players and team members through in-game posts is a great way to showcase your excitement and celebrate your team's success.

Out of Game Posts
Out of game tweets and posts are much different than those crafted during the game in real-time. In between games and during the offseason, it's essential to remain engaged on Twitter through relevant posts and comments with other fans. Fans care about changes that are occurring within the organization, whether it be a player trade or a stadium renovation and are looking to be updated in real-time. Keeping fans engaged during the offseason will help build loyalty and keep them coming back for more once the season starts back up again.

Lastly, it is important to engage with your fans and followers on Twitter. Establishing your sports team as a forward-thinking brand, as Carola Jain does with Spartan, will make fans feel like they're part of the team. Following these simple tips will help your sports organization increase its brand loyalty.

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