3 IN 1 Roof Inc. has successfully passed UL 1703 safety testing for their SOLAR ROOF TILES, BEATING TESLA TO MARKET

3 IN 1 Roof Inc. has successfully passed UL 1703 safety testing for their solar roof tiles, beating Tesla to market.

After 10 years of R&D, only their patented (in over 40 countries) SOLAR ROOF SYSTEM with unparallel curb appealing is 8xs lighter than traditional tile roof materials and is designed with both the consumer and the installer in mind. Unlike conventional solar panels, 3 IN 1 ROOF systems withstand +200 mph (Cat 5) sustained winds. Their 50-watt solar modules are securely recessed into each tile and won't flex or dislodge during severe weather. Conversely, as future solar cell technology improves, the modules can be are removed and replaced without disturbing tiles. 3 IN 1 ROOF has also earned a Class-A fire rating, and, because the tiles are made of a heat-resistant closed cell insulating foam, they block all solar gains from entering the attic area.

This solar, insulated, PROTECTIVE ROOF can be traversed upon without damaging the tile or solar module. It's manufactured in 4 styles and 12 popular colors, has High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) approval, plus is California Title-24 code compliant! When considering life expectancy, the 3 IN 1 ROOF tile spans twice the warranted life of any PV solar technology, clearly providing unmatched advantages throughout the construction and energy industries.

Such High-Performance attics (hp-roof.com) transform any structure into a significantly more energy efficient building, even if consumers opt out of the unique and highly efficient PV solar upgrade. In addition, 3 IN 1 ROOF tiles have been tested to withstand 51 pinpoint repetitive "Class-4" impacts before the underlayment is compromised.

This remarkable sloped roof system retro-fits any new or existing structure, and depending on contractor over-head, fully installs at $4.00-$5.00 per watt.

The product stands alone in the integrated solar roof market as "Best-In-Class" which is why the world-wide editorial BUILD Magazine in its up-and-coming publishing has awarded 3 IN 1 ROOF "MOST INNOVATIVE GLOBAL SOLAR COMPANY" along with President & CEO Carmen R. Bellavia to be featured this fall in "Marquis Who's Who ".

Parties with a minimum investment of $100k whom wish to be connected with the Principals are asked to contact Kathleen.vp@3in1roof.com for further information.

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