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Snapbag Car Waste Bin Launches On Kickstarter In July-August 2019


HENDERSON, Nev., July 9, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Snapbag Inc. just launched its anticipated car waste bin through a 30 day Kickstarter campaign aiming to raise $10,000 to kick off its first batch of production.

Snapbag car waste bin is now available on Kickstarter for pre-orders

While car manufacturers have indisputably transcended our wildest expectations and offered us all we could ever dream of, both aesthetically and functionally, the one thing that is missing, the one thing that we still need, is a way to satisfy that very basic and fundamental need – getting rid of our waste!

Foregrounded by the very paradox of simplicity, Snapbag is getting back to basics and striving to meet this need in an environmentally friendly way.

Snapbag is now available for pre-orders at up to a 47% discount in addition to benefits exclusive for Kickstarter. The campaign features Snapbag's base model and its recycling pack -which allows users to sort their waste on the go.

The startup's avid supporter base has been anticipating the launch for more than a year, during which the team was actively enhancing their prototype, writing and reviewing a patent for their unique operating mechanism, gathering feedback, and laying the groundwork for Snapbag's market launch.

A quick visit to the startup's social media channels clearly shows the value people are seeing in Snapbag even before it launches:

"When does the campaign go live? I really want this item! Like even send me a prototype if you want! Haha. Such a good idea!!!" – Sabrena

"It literally is brilliant. Can you even tell that this did not come with my car?" – Judi Igwe, Youtuber.

About Snapbag

Snapbag is the first and only car waste bin to offer an all-encompassing solution for the simple need of managing waste on the go, providing its users with all the following features and benefits:

Safe head-up usage: Snapbag is used with no distractions, allowing the user to focus on what matters most while on the road, the road itself.

Firm magnetic closure; odor-proof: Snapbag opens and closes with extreme ease and ensures a tight seal that traps smells on the inside.

Slim design preserving legroom space: Strategically mounted onto the back of the passenger seat with a responsive body, Snapbag expands progressively as it fills up and retracts when emptied, preserving legroom for passengers in the backseat.

Leak-proof: Whether it's an empty soft drink can, a juice bottle or a disposable coffee cup, hesitate not to just throw it in. The creators understand that the leak-proof feature is of utmost importance as preserving and protecting the car's interior from leakage and stains is undoubtedly a prime priority.

Available in a recycling pack: This allows users to separate their organic from recyclable waste upon disposal, eliminating the need to sort out the waste after they've removed the garbage bag from the car.

Accommodates a small disposable garbage bag: No need to remove Snapbag from the car every time it fills up. The users can either have their preferred choice of disposable trash bags fitted inside Snapbag, or they can order the company's impermeable, and reusable trash bag.

Premium material and multiple colors: Available in the 3 most common car interior colors to seamlessly blend in the users' cars.

Snapbag Inc. will distribute the Kickstarter orders worldwide. For more information, visit their website.

The creators of Snapbag are available for demos, interviews, and inquiries. 
Press kit can be found here.
Contact: Mario Sammour. 
+1 310 909 7972

Snapbag's Mission: To improve the driving experience through the provision of a product that helps drivers and passengers manage their waste on the go, thereby satisfying a very basic need while promoting the importance and essentiality of environmentally friendly waste sorting solutions. Snapbag's Vision: With an underlying steadfast commitment to a cleaner and greener future, Snapbag serves people who are on the move, and who aspire to navigate their journeys in a more organized, more comfortable, and more mindful way.


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