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E. Dorinda Shelley pens second book of The Helium Books series


When she was young, E. Dorinda Shelley used to spend her weekends with the horses at the farm. Later in life she and her family lived on a farmette, where they raised animals. Many of the animals would become characters in her children's book series, the second book being titled "The Helium Egg" (PRGott Books Publishing; 2010).
Illustrated by Eleanor A. Hutton, "The Helium Egg" tells the funny story of the barnyard animals that find a mysterious egg. Unlike the eggs laid by the hens, ducks and peahens on the farm, the mysterious egg is soft and blue – and it expands and floats into the air.  All the animals have to sit on the egg to weight it down and keep it inside the barn.
The animals have no clue what makes the mysterious egg float and what will hatch out of it. E. Dorinda Shelley invites readers to join her and the animals in discovering the mystery of "The Helium Egg."
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Watch for the public display of "The Helium Egg," along with "The Helium Table" and "Helium Heels," at the upcoming 2019 National Council of Teachers of English on November 21-23, 2019 in Baltimore, MD.

The Helium Egg
Written by E. Dorinda Shelley
Published by PRGott Books Publishing
Published date: May 10, 2010
Paperback price: $12.95
About the Author
Dr. Shelley is a retired dermatologist. She grew up in Missouri, spending weekends on a farm with friendly horses. She, her husband, and three children lived for many years on a "farmette" in NW Ohio, surrounded by many of the animals in the Helium Books. This is the second in a series of books she has written and Eleanor Hutton has illustrated.

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