Starburst Presto Enterprise Now Available on All Three Major Public Cloud Platforms

New release of the Presto SQL engine also features a Kubernetes Operator that provides a consistent, high-performant experience no matter where it is deployed


Starburst, the Presto company, today announced new features for Starburst Presto Enterprise, including support for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2, at the Presto Summit 2019 in San Francisco. With this release, Starburst Presto now supports all three major cloud platforms — Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform — giving data architects and administrators greater deployment flexibility within Presto's expanded supported partner ecosystem.

Starburst also added Kubernetes to its portfolio of supported platforms. Starburst Presto's Kubernetes Operator provides the same consistent, high-performant experience no matter where customers deploy, including Google Kubernetes Engine, OpenShift Container Platform, Azure Kubernetes Service, and Amazon Elastic Container Service. The Kubernetes Operator simplifies deploying and using Starburst Presto across all on-premises, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments. Additionally, by leveraging Kubernetes, Presto can autoscale using the horizontal pod autoscaler, support coordinator high availability, and enable monitoring via an integration with Prometheus.

Additional new features and capabilities include:

  • Support for Dataproc in Starburst Presto Enterprise
  • Mission Control expanded support for Kubernetes to more easily deploy and manage Presto on Kubernetes environments
  • New high-performance connectors for Apache Phoenix, Teradata (beta), and MapR (beta)
  • Enhanced connectors for Cassandra and RDBMS (relational database management systems) with added statistics. Now leverage the Starburst Cost-Based Optimizer on Oracle, Teradata, PostgreSQL, and more, for federated queries
  • Optimized Presto ORC (optimized row columnar) and Parquet readers for faster performance

Starburst Presto provides enterprises with critical security features and the flexibility to access their data no matter where it is located — on-premises or across multiple clouds. Presto is used by the world's largest enterprises and internet companies, including Comcast, LinkedIn, Lyft, Netflix, Uber, and Zalando. By being able to query data anywhere, Presto also eliminates the pains associated with cumbersome ETL (extract, transform, load) functions and data vendor lock-in.

"Presto is everywhere data engineers and administrators want to be, whether it's any of the major clouds, containers, or on-premises," said Matt Fuller, co-founder and VP of engineering at Starburst. "Data architects do not have to conform their environments to Starburst Presto; it just plugs right in and is ready to go, querying data no matter where it lives."

Starburst's latest version of Starburst Presto Enterprise will be available at the end of June for all major platforms and with more being added in coming quarters.

Presto Summit 2019
Presto Summit 2019, held June 20 at Twitter's headquarters in San Francisco and co-hosted by Starburst, features presentations and discussions on how the most innovative companies in the world — including Comcast, LinkedIn, Nordstrom, and Netflix — are using the Presto SQL engine to power their advanced analytics initiatives.

About Starburst
Starburst is the Presto company. Founded by leading developers of the open source Presto project, Starburst gives analysts the freedom to analyze diverse data sets wherever their location, without compromising on performance. From data virtualization across data silos on-premises to high-performance data lake analytics in the cloud, Starburst allows you to query anything, anywhere. To learn more about Starburst Presto or to download the latest version, please visit

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