Linked Business Now Serves All Enterprise B2B Data in Greece Inside Its Big Data Platform

ATHENS, Greece, June 20, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Linked Business Private Company, a leading company in open data research and analysis, has finally launched an integrated market intelligence platform, to help B2B companies identify and analyze the geography and demography of any market segment and acquire rich information on the business identities included. With the use of Big Data and AI technologies, the platform now hosts detailed information for more than 2 million indexed business identities (companies and individuals) in Greece since 1985.

The constantly evolving information technology universe nowadays, often results in a tremendous amount of information, coming from diverse sources that range from open government data to internal enterprise and customer data. Acquiring access to this huge volume of available data and extracting meaningful information and insights from it, that can help a business grow, is usually a manual, time-consuming and incomplete process that delivers debatable results. Moreover, current practices fail to provide cohesive answers to the three fundamental questions for businesses: To whom can I sell? Who are indeed my potential customers? What is the physical location of my customers?

Linked Business Platform addresses the aforementioned issues by collecting and organizing open government data by a wide range of sources, under a SaaS model that provides analytics and information in three distinct, yet interconnected layers: Market intelligence, sales and marketing, and due diligence. Big data from diverse public sources are orchestrated under a common data model, developed by researchers in the SKE Lab of NCSR Demokritos, that is based on established methodologies and classifications such as the statistical classification of economic activities in the European Community (NACE) and the Thomson Reuters Business Classification (TRBC). It is worth mentioning that due to the use of recognized and suggested classifications and methodologies, the platform's approach is fully scalable in European and global level and has already been tested in a number of jurisdictions.

"It took us a decade, but it seems that we have created something useful" said Michalis Vafopoulos, founder and CEO of Linked Business. "We have managed to create a super registry that positions and connects businesses inside their ideal market. Furthermore, the whole concept is governed by three important values that guarantee value and usability. First and foremost, our service is governed by transparency and trust, with a 1-click-to-source functionality available in every section of the platform. Second, we finally have developed a live service that follows and reflects the market pulse with daily updates in its entire content. Last but not least, our data can also be served to corporate CRM and BI systems via API calls, which makes it possible for companies to obtain and adopt rich business information without disrupting any preferred workflows."
Linked Business Platform has already been adopted by some major global brands in Greece since its initial release.

Assessing the operational business needs of the current client base, Linked Business team has also released a new geo-location mobile tool with every point of sale in Greece, that helps sales teams efficiently cover any desired market.

Linked Business is a groundbreaking provider of market intelligence solutions that blend open with enterprise data to offer advanced B2B sales leads and KYC metrics. The core team is composed of senior researchers with decades of experience in business analytics and data technologies. Michalis Vafopoulos, founder and CEO, is a leading expert in data science involved at the head or as an expert to a series of projects for the European Commission, Eurostat and Google. He also leads the Athens node of Open Data Institute and MyData Greece.


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